the FBLA adviser posted this:

This has been much more than just achieving the honor to compete at National FBLA. It's the absolute dedication to doing their best, even when technically their high school careers are behind them. They have diligently worked, practiced, studied, and rehearsed for several months to get to sit here. Breanna was part of one of the Missouri Parliamentary Procedures Super Teams, working with 4 other students from schools throughout the state, studying and practicing since April. She achieved a place on this team due to her individual objective test score at the state level. So very, very proud of her! Katie, Brittany, and Nicole were named to the top 15 finalists in the nation for their 3D Animation team! They created their 3D Animation including 3D technology, researching the topic given to them, and creating, recording and perfecting their script. Once that was chosen as a prejudged finalist at the State level they created and started practicing their presentation. All of this hard work won them 2nd in the state. That got them to national competition so they started tweaking their animation and presentation based off the feedback from state scorecards. Then they started practicing again. They presented here at nationals for the preliminary round and were announced as a finalist team out of approximately 200 teams! So very, very proud of them as well! While their plans might not include the topics they have been so successful in, their futures are certainly bright. Their dedication, intelligence, morals and integrity will definitely take them places. It has truly been an honor working with these girls and I thank them so much for giving me an FBLA year I will never forget!

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