I am so very very very very very proud of these girls! I knew they could do it. I just knew it.

their FBLA advisor's facebook post:
There aren't enough words to describe how incredibly PROUD I am to share this! But for those of you at home, our 3D team made it to the finals in Nationals!! To further explain, these girls have won 2nd in Missouri state, and are now within the top 15 in the entire NATION! 15 teams across the US make it to the final round, and little North Mercer is on that list! They will present again this evening for their final session and tomorrow night at the awards ceremony we will find out their standing in the nation. But no matter what, they have an enormous amount to be proud of! Missouri FBLA 9 hrs · Congrats to the team of Kost/Dailey/Wilder from North Mercer in 3D Animation for advancing to finals #nlc17fbla

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