the stories. the stories. the stories. we debunked a sound in the vault where the annoying older lady was locked up and forgotten about and found dead days later. our phones both acted possessed. Tracy's volume adjusted on it's own. we both had rapid fire pictures. the damn On Star came on on the way home...and radio display said my phone was synced? spooky. and all the shadows, footsteps, door slams. the voices on evp and spirit box. we have to get a laser grid pen and an evp. my phone tends to die on investigations, plus I'm taking pics of everything in sight. AND her daughter found us a nighttime investigation at Glore! it's a weekend I work, but could get there and back and just be super super tired. I could probably do it...
OH! Louisville drivers are R. U. D. E. granted, I am a tourist. and I drive slowly on good days. I was honked at and flipped off...multiple times. it got to where every time someone honked violently, I assumed it was at me. every. single. time. maybe they were all late for their job interviews at those pink buildings on the edge of town that screamed GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS and Help Wanted???

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