found a lot of wisdom in this tome...

There's a certain pull to live what bits of life you can while there's money in your pocket.
If we could just agree that poor people are doing the necessary grunt work and that there is dignity in that too, we'd be able to make it less onerous.
Middle class is being able to own some toys and live in a "nice" place-not fancy, you can afford to buy your own furniture and not lease it and that while you still worry about bills, you aren't constantly worried about homelessness.
All of our actions are carefully dictated to us. I assume this is because employers think we have monkey brains and are incapable of making decisions.
I like to remind people that everyone's parents fucked.
The happiest people are the ones who can simply block out the worst of it.
The only rational thing to do, really, is to enjoy yourself as much as you can, if this is to be your life.
You don't have to be robbing a bank to be a criminal. You just have to be poor and down on your luck and fall asleep on a park bench.
...overall, I think that most poor people have too many disasters in their own immediate future to worry about to be concerned about whatever natural or political disasters might me occurring way outside their circle...I do not care about the whales. I'm unfussed about owls. I could give you a lot of reasons why I don't consider myself an environmentalist, but it mostly comes down to this: my issue is people, in the micro. Once we've hit the part where my own species is mostly taken care of, I'll start to worry about African rhinos. Until then, I'll just keep restraining myself from punching people when they look me in the face and argue that an ecosystem somewhere is more important than homelessness. It's not unimportant, and I'm glad someone is keeping an eye on those things, but right now it is nineteen degrees outside, and there are some human beings that I am more concerned about saving just at the moment.
Steinbeck said that we'd never be a socialist country because there were no poor Americans, only temporarily embarrassed millionaires.
shame is a luxury item, because there is a point at which things are so bad that you lose all sense of shame.
Poverty isn't pretty.
Poor people are, as a rule, a bit more generous.

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