family traditions.

when I was a kid, 4th of July meant fireworks at Grandma Grace & Grandpa Vermal's or a huge family bbq at our farm with Aunt Dona's Chocolate Cottage Cheese Cookies, Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob, Uncle Jim, and Grandpa at the grill, Grandma Grace & Great Aunt Minerva making homemade ice cream, and our city cousins racing around on four wheelers and dirt bikes setting stuff on fire with fireworks, and Grandpa Vermal gleefully shooting off fireworks. he loved the 4th. he had such a child like zeal for life.
every holiday had a specific activity....we opened our own family presents on Xmas Eve after milking and doing chores, Xmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving were at Grandma & Grandpa's after morning milking. The first Sunday in June meant a big family get together at Great Aunt Minerva's, with baseball games in the hog lot and walks up the road to the house where the neighbor lady died mysteriously when my Great Grandparents were young.
so, it's 2017. I noticed the other day that the neighbors have a tent city set up in their yard and people everywhere. how fun! a family camp out! there are noted 4th of July traditions in our area...the firework tents at Lineville....the fireworks at Princeton....(used to have them at Mercer, too)...Cainsville and Pleasanton have 4th of July parades....and the Leon Rodeo.
we are a family who works on holidays and weekends. so, usually don't make plans. I did come home from work early and take a 4th of July nap. and I made real lemonade with real lemons. we are going to the Leon Rodeo to watch Jared's bull riding premiere.
so, no fireworks here. or hot dogs on the grill. no watermelon seed spitting contests. or heading to the river or camping or anything of that type. we don't fly a flag or dress in red, white, and blue. I am a bit sad that we are not one of 'those' families. but we are who we are.

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