Bigfoot spotted near Atalissa Iowa

An Atalissa man says he spotted Bigfoot near the Cedar River north of Atalissa. Tony Herrold saw the Bigfoot running across the road just before dusk last Wednesday night. His wife Janene saw the Bigfoot also. Quoting Janene "Damn, that thing has big feet! Do we have any Beef Jerky in the truck?" Iowa DNR officals have been combing the area hoping to find the Bigfoot. Tony's brother Corey Herrold has also witnessed the beast and had this to say, "Better keep the kids inside and I hope they dont eat goats!" Citizens are asked to please contact the Herrolds if anymore sightings happen. The Herrolds are also avid Bigfoot hunters and have been featured on PBS program Holy ^&* Thats a Bigfoot!

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