a recent book....

I always enjoy a clever twist of phrase and a sarcastic, witty character. she nailed it!
I never developed a Plan B. I prepared no Ice Age scenario for when the meteor hit and my dreams and life as I knew it went the way of the dinosaurs.
...I just don't have the energy to fight every single battle to the death anymore. After awhile, you start to feel beaten down, and you just do what you have to do to get through each day with as much peace as you can.
But he's interesting in an endangered species kind of way.
I just like being able to hang out with someone that makes me feel good for a change, rather than having to constantly wade through shit all the time.
I'm not exactly a shining example of how well things work out in the end, but I'm sure it'll all be ok. We'll both be ok. This shit just takes time.
I mean well...I don't want to judge y'all. That's the Lord's job, praise him.

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