we hiked at Riverside Park in Tulsa and learned the tragic tale of the first game warden to die in the line of duty there

across the Arkansas River on Turkey Mountain in 1911....
Game Warden Estes, age 40, was shot and killed while investigating a report of hunting on Sunday. This was in violation of state law prohibiting hunting game on Sundays. Game Warden Estes left his house to investigate the report and later in the day a neighbor heard two gunshots. When he went in the direction of the shots he found Game Warden Estes' horse. The Neighbor continued down the mountain and at about 2 p.m. discovered the body of Game Warden Estes who had been shot once in the abdomen. Game Warden Estes had been shot once with a .33 caliber rifle. His revolver, cartridge belt and money were missing. Game Warden Estes murder has never been solved. Game Warden Estes had been with the agency for two months and was survived by his wife.
I love finding nature spots on the city! right next to a busy road, yet very serene and peaceful.

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