to sleep, perchance to dream....

and this one was a doozy! setting: Grandma Grace's house. I am huge, like Mama June when the show first started. I have pressure sores on the sides of my face, I am so fat. I go to Grandma's house. I can't find her anywhere. finally I realize that she has been reincarnated into a tiny wrinkled newborn baby with wise eyes. Grandma's eyes. So, I carry her around and tell her her life story. The family starts trickling in. Shawn and Karlan and a boy. some girl who is in a bathtub in the kitchen in barefeet stirring beans. Cousin Rob is there, she has brought dishes of green and orange something and her and a guest are eating them. People are expecting a big family dinner, but I just want to show them that Grandma is back. That tiny house is brim full of people, everyone is ignoring me. I'm trying to tell them how miraculous this is. Grandma is back! Here she is! look at this baby's eyes!

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