the best husbands go outside to the quarter ice machine in the dark after being warned by a fellow concert goer

about the "shady characters, drugs, and seedy Route 66 motels" and "30 some murders already this year in Tulsa." (I googled this, of course, and found a news report on May 20, 2017 identifying Tulsa's 30th homicide victim. so, he wasn't exaggerating. that one happened in an apartment complex. don't know if any of them happened at 'seedy Route 66 motels.' I like to think the dude was an undercover Casino Hotel employee, trying to book rooms for concert goers...)
I just decided that if my time had come, Room 103 of The Desert Hills Motel(with a real key) with its every shade of green imaginable decor but with the modern 2017 amenities of a/c, mini-fridge, flat screen, and cable tv was as good a place as any. Kevin was a bit nervous, as my protector. I was kinda wishing he'd brought his pistol to tuck into a drawer. He ended up getting a good nights sleep. I tossed and turned and finally caught a few winks. hadn't coughed all day (now day 2 with no cough!) so didn't take my big gulps of generic NyQuil cough syrup before I went to bed, so I blamed it on that. and my queasy stomach was probably being too old to eat late night casino suppers. although I did have some worries about how my corpse would be described in the investigation...."badly dyed hair." "elderly." "frumpy." "yellow teeth." "obese." "multiple scars."
The concert was amazing....6 rows back from center stage! the crowd was amazing....nothing like some old school rock-n-roll to turn back the clock!
and we woke up in the morning, all alive. and then we ate breakfast at a Route 66 diner
there are cool murals and abandoned buildings. some original signs still lit up. lots and lots of original signs repurposed for the business they now contain.
We saw 1 El Camino. 10 Avalanches. I saw 2 roadkill armadillo. Kevin said he saw at least six.

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