Taylore: Someone looks like their daddy!

the kids were over last night. I was a less than gracious hostess. I was in my jammies wrapped up in a blanket on the couch having one of my old-lady-exhausted-could-barely-move-because-worn-out-stomach-muscles-hurt-so-bad-I-could-puek-and-should-just-lay-down-in-a-dark-quiet-room kinda days. these days happen after I work too hard or relax too hard. not enough sleep. not enough down time. (I seem to need longer and longer to recover from anything lately...) they made supper. I ended up throwing up bile and snot in the wee hours, then it turned into the scoots. of course I went to work since I don't have a real job. and I made it thru. but anyway. Taylore wanted to see baby pics of KJ to see who Zerelda looks like. he went to basement and found a couple of photo albums. and she agrees that she looks like him. which of course I think she looks like him, I'm his mom....

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