life is funny.

at work yesterday I was thinking...just a few days ago I was a tourist, and now here I am again, a worker ant. that's the way it goes. I guess you can't really appreciate the magic of being a tourist unless you spend most of your time as a worker ant. deep thoughts.
picked Kate up from Koren's last night after work. they had a jackhammer incident that involved broken water lines in basement, so Kevin hung around and they tried to remedy it. but couldn't get the tools they needed. Ian & Coralie got to stay up late and play with Gramma. we had so much fun! Little Bunny Foo Foos field mice had to keep going to Hy-Vee to buy cupcakes to feed the baby duck and baby birds. the kids got Minons Build-a-Bears: Ian - Bob the Minon, Coralie - Fluffy the Unicorn. they were enthralled with them. AND Ian has big boy Lego Batman underwear. we got home late late late, got a couple hours sleep. then work. lucky me. came home for a few, then to chiropractor. and maybe to Hy-Vee for some fresh summer veggies and fruits if I have the energy. definitely a couch nap.

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