"I'm not gonna lie. There are better places you could live. But if you chose to stay, you do have a list of things you can do."

This poor woman and her daughter have been sexually assaulted by a spirit they believe killed their alcholic son/brother. there probably are better places to live. But Amy won't sugarcoat it...that's not her style. she will dispense practical advice to make the property livable.
in this case, buy mu-metal: place some in each room. Forever: bi-weekly or monthly cleansings. a very, very strong male witch to do an exorcism. "You could move and have an easier time of it, or you could stay and do your homework. Forever do your homework. I would leave, because certain things are going to continue to happen, because you live in such an active location."
"Properties come and go. Families don't." Steve always has sage advice. and he cares so much about their clients and their cases. if you need a hug, or a gentle hand pat, Steve is your man.
and I wonder how they find these shamans and male witches and the different kinds of mediums. Does Amy recommend someone? do they do a google search? visit a physic for a referral? It all seems a bit overwhelming, here you are, all living in this haunted house and so scared shitless you're ready to go on national tv and let people know what's going on so they can think you're some kind of kooky head case...and then you have to find a shaman and a male witch and mu-metal? I trust Amy. but I always just hope the people have the option of moving. But moving costs $. and just how many haunted houses is Zac Bagan's gonna buy? they gotta be hard to dump on the market. and what if there is some kind of emotional attachment? I mean, really, if moving was an option, wouldn't you just skip the call to The Dead Files and just move out? let the next family deal with it?

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