I don't like going to the dr. so I just don't go.

but now I have hyper-tension, so have to go once a year for a checkup to get my $1.49/3 month prescription renewed. love the cheap meds. the $30 copay. whatever. but today's chick I like even less than the regular one...pushing the mammogram, colonoscopy, and pap smear, as usual, AND wanting to check my cholesterol. newsflash: sure it is bad. and while weight loss wasn't mentioned, half hour of exercise in addition to work 5 days a week, fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and limited salt intake were. do I know these things? yes. in fact, I am aware. will I follow? depends on the day. she insisted on blood work to check for something and my thyroid, since I have gained weight in the last year. AND a urine specimen to check for organ damage due to hypertension. my b/p is "controlled" at 140/I don't remember bottom number. I don't like looking for shit that is wrong. I am dealing with the blood pressure. ok? I am not into preventative pro-active medical shit. I do take vitamins. they were concerned that I take Aleve EVERYDAY since that can cause high blood pressure. and the dr. asked if I had a hernia or my stomach just looked like that? you're the frickin' PA. whatever. hope I don't get her again next year....I think I am most pissed that I will have to pay for the blood work and UA.
after picking up my Rx, Kevin calls me. we got a letter from American Family, they are going to cancel insurance on his new truck due to factors....listing all our claims. and that Taylore wasn't underwritten on our insurance. he calls our agent, to get his secretary and find out that today is their last day, he has sold the office and they are retiring. they can't access our account to tell us what is going on. we don't know the chick taking over. plus, kinda rude to not let us know what is going on, etc. so, he calls the local AF agent, she tells us quickest way to change agent so she can get into our account and see what can be salvaged here. so, I get the ball rolling on that. it's always fuckin' something. back to Homestead Rescue. put my problems into perspective.

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