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Marcus and Delan had quite the conversation with Lavinia Fisher at Old City Jail in Charleston, S.C....
these are all google images of Lavinia...all look like totally different ladies???
According to legend, Lavinia Fisher was the first female serial killer in America. She and her husband John ran the Six Mile House, a place for weary travelers to rest north of Charleston. Lavinia would serve poisoned tea to her victims, who were usually wealthy men, then tuck them into a specific bed, a bed with a trap door beneath. With the pull of a lever, the body would fall into a pit beneath the house, where John would then rob their corpse. One night, a man named John Peoples stopped over, and after being invited to tea discretely dumped the cup into a nearby plant because he didn't enjoy tea, but was too polite to refuse. Finding Lavinia and her husband creepy, John claimed he was tired and went to bed. While he sat in a chair by the door, he watched his bed collapse into the pit below the house. In terror, he leapt out of the window and ran straight to Charleston where he reported everything to the police. They are said to have found all the bodies of Lavinia Fisher's victims upon investigating. The Fishers were executed in 1820, and according to local legend, her spirit haunts the Charleston jail where she was hanged.

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