so, Koren's friend Jessica comes to my house in a rat trap car pulling an old old decript huge piece of farm equipment and wants to take us to see her Civil War era brick mansion. I have someone's baby? no diaper bag, no car seat, just a couple of diapers in my pocket. we drive forever and gone. the mansion is falling down. big front doors are rotten. she takes baby and disappears inside. I take a few pics of building, then go to find her. she's gone. baby is lying on a couch, all swaddled up.
I find Kate & KJ in a room full of young adults. I tell them it's time to leave. Kate shakes her head no slowly. her hair is all hacked off to her chin. she has on no makeup. KJ has an Amish bowl cut. they are all wearing blue.
I go outside and am herded onto a bus. somehow I find the baby, who is just sleeping away. they'll let me go, but not the baby. I am surrounded by sinister looking women in baggy blue dresses. I clutch the baby to my chest and keep edging my way out of the circle. a man with a beard watches me walk away, sighs, then follows me.
disclaimer: these are just google image search pics to illustrate my dream. but they are eerily similar to what I remember....
I wake up. I have overslept. I end up being 1 minute late to work. after effect of the Villisca movie? secret fear of the Amish? I'll never know.

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