The Axe Murders of Villisca: Three ghost-hunting teens get more than they bargained for when they break into a historic home where eight people were murdered over a century ago.

not quite historically accurate...they did have shots of actual Villisca, but the house in movie is much bigger and grander than actual house. I don't remember if real house had stairs from basement up into house...
I think the gist of this horror movie was not to break into known haunted houses at night...although they did release the Moore family and Stillinger girls, there are now 2 new ghosts in the basement....
Lena's story here was terrifyingly sad. although history (and my own family genealogy) tells us that girls were sexually active and marrying very very young back then...this is still sad. she was a victim of romantic dreams. is this how it really happened? we'll never know for sure. but it could be damn close.
then I found ghost pictures of the house on this foreign language website, translated, it just told a brief history and that the house offered tours. no details on the actual photographs. alcalardellanotte.altervista.org

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