6 Guns

6 Guns (2010) Directed By: Shane Van Dyke (Paranormal Entity) Reviewer: Chuck Conry
The Prologue: Well look out Y’all it’s a western and it has a Van Dyke behind the camera! But in all fairness Shane Van Dyke was behind the camera for Paranormal Entity that people seemed to really dig and sadly I haven’t seen that one..yet. So heading into 6 Guns I had a lot of high hopes even with me not being the biggest western fan in the world. But don’t let the cover full you my friends this isn’t just another western it’s a pretty over all good flick that fans of any genre will enjoy giving a watch.
The Movie: After a gang out for revenge kills her husband and two children Selina Stevens befriends a well known bounty hunter to seek out her own revenge on those who took her whole life away! And as you all know, you can never go wrong with a revenge plot! In the first twenty minutes of this movie I don’t think it’s giving too much away to say that two kids are killed and a woman is raped. Now I don’t mind telling you this because it says that is what goes down on the box but I can tell you it’s not an easy watch and something you don’t look for with the term “western” but the more awful it is the more satisfying it is when you get to see the woman in this movie go on her trail of revenge…With a little help of course. But when you look passed the disturbing open to the film and you look past the revenge all together you get a really good film over all. It’s made well, the acting is good and I’m sure you’ll love both Sage Mears playing Selina and Barry Van Dyke playing Frank Allison who is the bounty hunter. On the other end of that I’m sure you’ll hate Geoff Meed’s character of Lee Horn who is one evil bastard in this thing as well. His gang he runs with aren’t the coolest cats you’ll ever find either. This film may be a straight to DVD film but the quality isn’t lost on it. Many folks will write a movie off based on just that. Now, I think most the folks that read this blog don’t fall into that group but in the chance that you are I must tell you that you could do a lot worse than 6 Guns if you are looking into wanting to check out and unknown movie. Perhaps the plot isn’t anything new and maybe you’d rather see something that hasn’t been done as much as the over all plot but I think you’ll find yourself into the movie as it all builds to the end while watching it. Now as the old saying goes revenge is a dish best served cold and while this is a very good film to watch I do think the people in this don’t really get it as bad as they should when revenge time comes around. Sure you get some blood, you get some gun fighting, and you get a pretty interesting climax to the whole thing (all the while having a very nice looking lady to look at), but if I had my way I think body dismemberment would have been the only logical way to get revenge..Than again, this may be why I don’t make movies?
The Conclusion: If you are looking to check out 6 Guns then on March 30th you can do that very thing when it’s released by Asylum. For my money I’d say it’s well worth checking out as it’s the only gun slinging movie I’ve really liked since Tombstone…And you know how long it’s been since that came out. So if you are looking to kick back and take it easy with a well made film 6 Guns may just be that film for you!
The Rating (7/10)
ok. my own movie review. we start out with housewife Selena baking a birthday cake for her husband. they're drinking out of big mason jars. he's putting windows and a roof on the house before a storm. she's wearing this lace backless dress that looks kind of inappropriate for a gal in a cabin in the desert. then the bad guys come. they kill her husband and her sons. they rape her. the one guy is supposed to kill her. he doesn't. so, then a whole bunch of sheriff's and deputies have to die. and they go back for her. she is now the town drunk. (she has to walk a mile into town to be the town drunk. determination.) she gets a bounty hunter to teach her how to shoot and she ends up killing 2 of the bad guys. but my deal: she has this wacky shoulder length hair. did girls back then do that? wasn't it a law they had to have 15 foot of hair wound up into a bun bigger than their head? and she is wearing high heels. how practical was that? and her skirts are all showing a lot of ankle. was that a thing? here she is in town traipsing around with her gun belt around her hitched up skirt in her high heels with that soccer mom hairdo....shooting bad guys. the movie was gruesome, as I am sure the actual wild west was. senseless violence. misery. suffering. and I have a problem with the costuming? what is wrong with me?

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