oh! if only I was a sketch artist in the area of a haunted location The Dead Files visited.....

then I could sketch furiously and hold up my work and say, "Amy, is this what you saw?" am I too old and untalented to become a sketch artist?
they are investigating a haunted B&B in the Ozarks. Brumley, Missouri.
you can stay there, or do $20 tours.....and they have a facebook page and website. this is going on my list!
Amy & Steve think they have identified the man and woman living in the walls. The Rev. and his wife. he buried her and remarried 3 months later and went on to have 6 more kids....on top of the 10 they had together. She cries and is miserable. that is so sad. that misery can carry over into the afterlife. that your husband would come back to haunt the same place you haunt. and that you can't just be together and be happy. yeah, it sucks that he remarried so soon. but it was the 1800s. life went on. had to find a gal to take care of those 10 kids. if he would've died, she'd of been in the same boat, since women couldn't own property or anything...
at the end of the show, they tell you 'what's happening.' Nick & Marcy closed the doors and put it up for sale. For Sale! when that episode would've caused such a business boom! Amy took the man and woman in the walls home with her to move them on, so all they had to do was 6 months of cleaning with salt water spray on all walls, floors, doors. and follow up withe burning sage from top to bottom, then outside. she said the Dr. would be ok if everything else left. I figured at least a male and female medium, a riki master, an Indian Shaman.....so many layers. I wonder why she took them home? something about the case really got to her, evidently.
and according to facebook, they are still open! maybe I can talk Kevin into this for our anniversary????

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