making a t-shirt quilt for Katie Dailey to take to college...since I won't be there to "help" her study, she can look at the Bigfoot jammy pants remnant and it'll be just like I'm there. — in Mercer, Missouri.

tonight is the first of many nights to come that I will be home alone....while Kate and friends went to their concert, I binge watched Fargo & finished her t-shirt quilt. I'll eventually read all those Alaska books and catch up on all my tv series and finish the Victorian Crazy Quilt and possibly get so bored I clean the house more often...maybe I'll try to polish up my "novel" that I've been trying to write since high school. or take a class at NCMC so I can buy a hoody and have a college credit on my list of accomplishments. maybe I can hang out with Zerelda some nights if her parents have to work. or clean up the remnants of the graduation party on the basement floor. or....the possibilities are endless. Truly. Endless. probably just a whole bunch of junk food eating and couch napping.

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