"If they realize this trail camera cards gone, that's gonna be a huge red flag on Jeff. I gotta get these pictures off this card and get it back to that trail camera before we get busted."

"Jeff put a password on his computer. We ain't got time for this." Buck.
Huckleberry. "Ah, I think I might know what it is."
Buck. "What is it?
"You ready?"
Buck. "Yeah."
Huckleberry. "Type in freaky fat boy."
guffaws and snickers from team. "Freaky fat boy?"
Buck grins and ducks head. "Are you serious?"
Huckleberry. "Just type it in and see if it don't work, dammit."
laughter and mumbles from team. Buck. "We're in."
team laughter. Buck. "Oh, man. We gotta hurry, guys."
nothing like a bit of levity in the midst of a dangerous, death defying hunt for The Black Wolf, The Cherokee Devil, The Little Girl, and the Woman of the Woods in The Dark Forest....

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