I went back to work today after a glorious 3 day weekend.

then came home to an empty house (Kevin & Kate both at work) and took a glorious couch nap. then I folded laundry. Kate & Brit out to eat...got to see Brit's new car. so happy for her. no more having to find rides to get to work...she deserves good things to happen to her. just remembered the eagle we saw on 136 near Mt. Moriah yesterday...it was eating something on the side of the road. Closest sighting since the one Tracy & I saw on way to our last ghost adventure. Once upon a time for my birthday Kevin took Koren, KJ, & I to somewhere near Rock Port for Eagle Days. it was blustery and cold. we got to view eagle nests through binoculars. and see live rescue eagles. and now we just randomly see them right here at home. that says good things about our environment, I think....yeah, the polar ice caps are melting and the weather is all wonky but eagles are here in Mercer County....have seen one by the Mercer quarry a few times. and one sitting in the tree by the Peach gate. Kevin sees them going to and from work occasionally. it's the little things.

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