I dreamed that little girl Koren & I were at Grandma Grace's house.

we were cleaning up after a meal. the sink was moved away from the kitchen window to under the cabinets. we were cleaning out all these butter bowls that Grandma used for leftovers. now, we knew Grandma was gone and someone else had bought the house. obviously, they had remodeled. (hey, I've been there in other dreams and 'seen' the changes they'd made.) yet, here we were, trespassing and hanging out with Grandma. She was so excited about the arrival of Zerelda James Dailey and was telling us family stories of other births. She was a bit upset that everything was in the wrong place and someone had took her dishes and replaced them with these other dishes, but she just kept fussing around in the kitchen. and then I woke up. dammit. it is nice to have a Grandma dream on such an important night after I've 'become a grandma' again. makes me feel like she knows somehow and that she is happy for us.

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