couch naps...made lunch...now making supper.

in between I read, tv binge watched, dropped a heavy glass plate on my big toe trying to cut Katie's pizza up, loved facebook pictures of baby Zerelda, watched the last episode of Bates Motel with Katie....where has 5 years gone? I truly truly hope there is someone you love waiting for you when you die, and that you can run into their arms and give them a hug. worked on Katie's going-to-college-tshirt quilt....since I won't be there to 'help' her study, she can wrap in scraps of mine and dad's old hoodies and shirts....and we'll be there for her in spirit. picked up a few sticks in yard. and, after supper, gonna SHOWER IN MY OWN BATHROOM!!!!! a big deal for a gal who has to shower twice daily minimum at work!

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