a couple of months ago I went to pay bills online and couldn't get my password for the phone co. to work.

I finally got so pissed that I mailed them a check. like a cave woman.
then I remembered a letter or an email or something, you had to reset your account. so I did. and it was like, wow, all is well. until last night when I went to pay it. password wouldn't work. took 3 tries to get a confirmation code that was accepted. then it STILL wouldn't work. tried both variations on user name. got pissed off and put a check in the mailbox. for real. assholes.
today is day 2 of my first 3 day weekend in I don't know when. slept in till I woke up! this is the life I was meant for. ordered KJ a Guardians of the Galaxy fathers day tee on facebook.

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