Taylore Dailey 36 mins · I love being your mom 💕😊

Kevin loves Sammy Hagar. he is in concert next week in Tulsa, OK.

I already had that week off work. we love driving Route 66. I just found a cute cute motel. are the planets aligning or what? just need to buy some tickets!
update. ordered tickets. did a phone reservation for the Desert Hills Motel. I think. she had my phone # and date I wanted wrong...and I forgot to ask for the price. but we might have a 2 adult 1 bed non-smoking room with 3:00 check-in...on some day in June.

a girls gotta dress for the occasion....


Zac Bagan's having a spiritual conversation with a stray pug sitting on a chair outside the haunted hospital location they are investigating...

Biggest mystery of life---what happens after we die. The reality is that we do die. The part that we don't know for certain is if it's reality that we continue to live, especially when there's life that's harmless, gives you love and ends up trapped, whether it's a spirit, or a cute, little dog.
#ghostadventures #zacbagan #straypug #spirtualconversation #oldlincolncountryhospital #lovethisshowmoreeveryseason💜

Koren & co. enjoying a day together...their little adventures just warm my heart. what a good mommie she is~

#jacklinks #squatch #roadtrippin

Remembering Dottie Higdon at Springer Chapel Cemetery

#maxwellfamilyfarm #centuryfarm

Remembering Seth and Nan Stanley at Sharon Chapel Cemetery...

#tellingpoppaastory #zereldajamesdailey

#sleepybaby #zereldajamesdailey

#bigfootlair #itcouldbeyoudontknow

🎼Romeo and Juliet are together in eternity🎶

Jared Campbell----- The girl I love no matter what happens — with Katie Dailey.----- Katie Dailey Omg you are so sweet 😍😭

...and so, Zerelda James Dailey has now been to Toot-Toot's....

kinda nice when the staff tells you they missed you....

#catcreekcemetery #mtpleasantno1 #remembering #themaxwellfamily — in Brimson, Missouri.

they took out the last of the big old trees....which makes me sad. I'm sure they were dead or rotten or a threat to mankind or whatever, but they were there when my family was burying their loved ones, and they were there when I was decorating those graves from long ago....still a beautiful old cemetery, but I sincerely think every cemetery needs a big old tree...



if only I could make the world a better place by crocheting teeny tiny sock monkies....thank God for this Etsy shop!
Tiniest Sock Monkey - Micro Amigurumi Crochet Miniature Sock Monkey Stuff Animal - Made to Order - $76.00 - Handmade item - Materials: plastic eyes cored, polyfil, embroidery threads - Ships worldwide from Vietnam

Simple Reminders by Marla Kile

so...it's after midnight...I was blogging Mountain Monsters quips, then online Fathers Day shopping, somehow ended up on Facebook and found J's senior pictures....gonna have to go (back) to bed....


tonight involved just going to bed early for a nap. (days I end up crying at work usually go like that.) crying is a sign of weakness. sometimes the old mind and body just can't take no more.

Kevin texted that Ed had been in with a load of cat litter from Wyoming. ( or somewhere.) it's a small world, after all. Kate & J hanging out with Slade and his girlfriend, then she spent the night with him since he'd got his room cleaned. at work I made myself a list, to online shop for Fathers Day Gifts, decorate graves, and visit Zerelda. none of that has happened this evening....

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