to whom it may concern...

I purchased the first Christmas 2017 gift: a little gray rhino from Rose & Rex for Coralie. cleaned out the trunk in dining room, moved all the xmas decor I stashed in there into a tote in basement, so I can gift box and tag gifts as I get them. is this genius? I do believe so. I also started cleaning out KJ's trunk in his room so I can take it over to him. since Katie & I previously moved all those scrapbooks out of the top of his closet to basement, I had room for the game stuff and wrestling guys to go in top of closet. almost have that done. found a Northwest blanket he got in one of those finals packs I was always buying him that would be the perfect base for a small t-shirt quilt. and a chair full of stuff Kate cleaned out of her closet that has some cool shirts to start off with....have I swept these floors? no. put up the basket of laundry? not even. I have read some and been online and tinkered around doing shit. Mom doesn't get to come home today, hopefully tomorrow.

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