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arsenic was an ingredient in many patent medicines. As late as 1921 the AMA was still finding arsenic in Blue Bell Kidney Tablets, Botanic Blood Balm, Wildroot Dandruff Remedy, Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine, La Franco Vitalizer No. 200. Arsenic was used as a treatment for syphilis. It was found in green lampshades, wallpaper, cosmetics, copper cookware. It was used to color candy and glaze fudge. Cheese makers sometimes tossed in a pinch or two. Arsenic was used to dye stockings, underwear,curtains, decorations, artificial flowers and cloth linings for baby bassinets and cribs. It was found in green flannel boot linings. it was used as a insecticide called Paris Green. It was dusted on tomatoes, potato plants, cabbage, cucumbers, grapes, melons, and sprayed on fruit trees.
numerous symptoms of arsenic poisoning: skin ulcerations, headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, discolored patches of skin, hair loss, coughing, convulsions, paralysis in hands and feet. Arsenic poisoning was often diagnosed as general debility, neuralgia, consumption, tuberculosis, cholera, rheumatism, gastritis, dysentery, or paralysis. Arsenic was also used as an ingredient in embalming fluid.

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