prom was amazing. everything our baby girl dreamed of.

now, on with our lives....tomorrow I leave work early to go to chiropractor, then back home for the very last FFA Member Auction, then a Senior Parents Trip Meeting.
ordered some Snapfish pics from Prom that we can maybe do something with....she wanted friends pics, we have 2 of the 3 requested friends in these pics....also have a backdrop to make, a patio to power wash, flowers to buy and plant, need to contact Julie about food, order a DQ Ice Cream Cake, drag out my patio stuff, figure out how to hang the lights over patio, get paper plates, napkins, and silverware, buy stuff for the snacks she wants to make, buy a shit ton of ice and clean up coolers for water and pop...finish cleaning basement....get the stuff to Tricia for her daughters fundraising garage sale...clean up our chair and table collection...move weiner dog pen more to back middle yard....AND make sure she has everything she needs for Senior Trip!!! (and I ordered a 2017 girl graduate Lego that I will try to sneak onto her table somehow...)

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