Katie is having quite a year...

she won the GRM trip to Washington D.C. she went to FFA Nationals in Louisville, KY. her team won 2nd place in 3D Animation at FBLA State! which means Nationals this summer in Anaheim, California! She has longed to see the California shore...and she found a way! (she qualified for districts in 3 events, could only go to state in 2, and also qualified for the Super Parliamentary Procedure team, but can only go to Nationals in one event.) She had a Spring Break with her friends in KC. Senior Skip Day with friends in Des Moines. and she is going on Senior Trip to Florida!
rec'd the new Willow Trees I ordered today. Kevin got a key made for Blazer, and installed new lights in basement! I can see down there! I cooked real food for supper....put the box of instant potatoes on a burner that I then turned on and tried to cook them the hard way....smells like burnt marshmallows all up in here. rounded up Joe Hill books to loan to Tracy.

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