I'm in a tizzy.

Kate said no more cake. I have this vision of the girls cutting their cakes together....cakes on a pedestal. 3 layer graduated round cakes. so, did some shopping for things to create pedestals with. ended up finding stuff in my own cabinets. got on amazon for cake server and cake pan set. want glittery toppers. could arrive between 3-8. I waited too damn long. so have to think of something else. I pinned the girls down to flavors....vanilla for Kate. chocolate for Britt. they thought about going to athletic banquet, then decided to go to Walmart shopping for stuff for senior trip instead. It will be the basketball girls celebration. they had an amazing run. but they are not the only students in that school. so, while I kind of wanted to make her go, and even changed clothes!, I will now put on my p.j.s and watch tv.
The Schwan's guy caught me. His 22 year old son died. his heart exploded in his sleep. no health insurance. no life insurance. the first funeral home they went to told them sorry. no financing. can you even imagine????
this is kind of my cake idea...

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