Forty odd things about me

Do you like blue cheese? yes
Do you eat red meat? Yes
Do you own a gun? No
What flavor Koolaid? ewwwww.
What do you think of hotdogs? I'll eat 'em.
Do you read food labels? no
What is your favorite movie? National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
What do you prefer to drink in the morning? water
Can you do a push up? no
What's your favorite jewelry? the occasional necklace
What is your hobby? Reading. crazy tv shows. Shark Week. Sharknado week. Ghost hunting.
Do you have ADD? Not sure
Do you wear glasses? reading
What was your favorite cartoon? Looney Tunes
Name three things you did today? work. clean garage. make supper.
Name three drinks you like. Pepsi, Hot chocolate, sweet tea
Current worries? $$$
Current "hates"? everything
Favorite place to be? home/with my kids and grandkids.
Where would you like to go? Maine
Do you wear slippers? only when I sew
What is your favorite color? pink
Do you like sleeping in satin sheets? flannel, please
Can you whistle? sometimes
Where are you? In the living room
Would you be a pirate? no
Favorite food? homemade bread
Favorite soda? Pepsi
Chocolate or Vanilla? depends on what I'm eating....
What's in your pockets? Nothing
Last thing that made you laugh? Facebook meme
What's your favorite animal? elephant
What's your most recent injury? big bruise on forearm. assuming from work.
How many TVs in your home? 5 that work. 2 that don't.
Worst pain? depends on the day.
Do you like to dance? at home. alone.
Are your parents still together? they were until Dad passed away.
Do you enjoy camping? I really really want to...

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