Baby Dailey shower in 1 week.

bought 2 cases of water bottles, got pink and white ribbon hot-glued on one case. bought Raisinets for Dirty Diaper Game.
Kate is pretty much sure she'll attend MCC. Jared has applied, as well. She got her cap and gown today. she hung it in her closet. I haven't looked at it yet. not sure I can. and a letter about senior trip.
sewed a bit on Victorian Crazy Quilt. just have a page left in the Bobby Mackey book but my eyes are too tired. Kate & I knocked a Bates Motel off the list last night, and 2 Catfish tonight. The contract washers were the real deal. they'll be back tomorrow to finish the last room. which is sweet. will load all I can this weekend, and finish shots. I leave early Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. and supposedly get my weekends off again starting next weekend. time for this ol' gal to take her shot of NyQuil and go to bed. mornin' comes awful early for barn people. allergies are wicked.

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