when I read or watch tv, I have to either stop constantly and look stuff up, or jot myself notes to look up later.

read a story about a murder in Warren County Iowa in 1901 that was never solved. his wife was arrested leaving his graveside burial, went to trail, and to prison, but it was retried and the jury couldn't reach a decision, so she was released and 15 years later was buried by her husband in New Virginia Cemetery, I'm guessing in Warren County where they resided.
NEW VIRGINIA (Beymer) cemetery is located in the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 28 of Virginia Township. It is one-eighth mile south and one-eighth mile west of New Virginia, Iowa. From Interstate 35 exit on Highway 207 and go east for three miles to arrive at the cemetery.
it was thought to be an ax murder. and there were several ax murders across the midwest in 1911....remember Villisca, Iowa? the original farmhouse was torn down in 1967, and a modern brick and clapboard house built on the house site. The owner was married to a relative of the murdered man (a granddaughter, maybe?) and he saw the gray ghost of a man over a dozen times, figuring it to be John Hassock. and the ghost seemed peaceful.

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