today was a scenic day. some days, not so much. Kate finally got her notice turned in at Princeton store last night. she wanted to do it in person, he seemed to be avoiding her, so she finally called him. she is working two jobs this week, since she started working at the Mercer store.
KJ did the interview at Calhoun. Ridgeway offered him a contract with a significant raise. and, insurance. and they think the current History teacher will be moving from the area sometime and then that job is his. things are looking up!
came home from work, did some baby shower stuff. made a sign for signing the onesie, I was rather proud of myself, covering an old easel back from a broken picture frame in scrapbook paper! also did the fork jar and the 2 flower display jars. put my own little twist on them. ordered more babies for My Water Broke and ordered drawer liner paper for dresser. the longer it stays here, the more $$$$ I spend on it....
have decided I will clean out KJ's old 'toybox' and take it over next time we go, they can store clothes in it or something.
on last nights Walmart run I started buying towels for Katie's eventual evacuation of our house. getting. closer. every. single. day.

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