#thisoldapartmenthouse. We lived here when Koren was young, right up the hill from H & R Block.... — in Bethany, Missouri.

those were the days....ran my own little daycare. took the kids on walks, bought donuts at the bakery downtown on Saturday mornings...Koren roller skated in her Fisher Price roller skates until she was exhausted then I carried her home. We lived by the square. I took Koren to the genealogy library to research a lot. we saw Bambi at the movie theater off the square. there were monster slugs on the back patio. carpet in the kitchen. hotter than fuck in the summer and you'd freeze to death in the winter. the transom windows were beautiful and made rainbows on the faded old wallpaper. and there was an old partial staircase in our closet! used it for storage. there was a clothes line we used every day. and an old tractor tire for a sandbox. and a natural playhouse formed by lilac bushes. we were young and happy and poor as we could be. we went to the kiddie pool then had DQ Star Kisses. Koren loved the purple ones.
Koren messaged me today. I had put Katie's name instead of Koren's. 'bout right. I am always calling Katie Koren....so, had to edit. senility is here.

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