ordered baby Zerelda stuff from walmart.com: crib, mattress, waterproof cover. changing table and 3 changing pad covers.

Lije & Dixie bought our 3 kids crib at an auction. Koren's first dresser came from my grandparents neighbors across the street. Vern & Winona. it's now in our bathroom. she got another dresser from Lije & Dixie. and a dresser from Marie. Koren found her own baby furniture for Ian. so we're helping KJ get ready for baby Zerelda. the crib can change into a toddler bed and daybed. the changing table is a dresser. and of course, I 'made' Zerelda a dresser, too. Kevin & I can pick it up from Walmart when it arrives, and he can take his tools to assemble everything...

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