"It's stuff that you don't see in movies, but it's reality." Atz Kilcher

this man is wise beyond his years. I have learned a lot from watching Alaska: The Last Frontier. as I'm sure Kevin learns a lot from the shows he enjoys. I am grateful for a tv with satellite, dvd player, and Netflix in our room so we don't have to suffer thru each others shit. makes our marriage much much better....
unfortunately doesn't help with my progressively worse cooking skills....had 'real' food ready when Kate got home from work. in an effort to not cook the cube steak until it was shoe leather, I turned the heat down. and forgot to cut into said steaks and make sure they were done. Kate couldn't eat hers and made herself a sandwich. But I did get dishwasher set on delay to do dishes while I sleep (and after her shower.) so there's that, I guess. I also started work on the crazy quilt again. started 3 more blocks for the front. think I'll just patch together huge pieces of satin for back, then trim.

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