I started watching Killing Bigfoot. seasoned vets, hunters, woodsmen who think they need to kill just one Bigfoot to prove they exist.

it's an interesting idea. hey, we all have ideas. and if it is in any way, shape or form about Bigfoot, I will give it a go. They've talked to witnesses....walking down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere looking at his phone, tackled by Bigfoot. Bigfoot took 7 of his dogs. eating chickens. Horses freaking out. nests in old houses. footprints. howls. whistles. they suit up in camo and sit in the woods with a gun. several of the older guys have their kids in the group with them. one girl. she has glorious hair. they hold their post until someone comes after them so they don't run around shooting each other. they aren't trying to attract Bigfoot's attention, they are hunting him. they have trail cameras and walkie talkies. well, they also obviously have a film crew. down south...Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas. places with wild hogs and gators. Jeepers Creepers. like coming upon Bigfoot in the dark wouldn't make you shit your pants, but you may get gored by a wild boar or lose a hand or a foot to a gator? think ghost hunts are safer...

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