I just realized there are bare walls in my house...In the stairwell to basement. Can't have that...

half-heartedly knocked down some cobwebs, didn't find any Pledge, so will clean it up later. thinking I'll move old family pics from dining room to stairwell. The portraits of Cynthia Creswell Maxwell and Harriett Hughes Harrison Maxwell freak Katie out. she says their eyes follow her. can also put old books or something on ledge...that is for another day, however. today I was inspired and worked on Victorian Crazy Quilt a bit. I was there sewing when the Schwans man arrived....maybe I was avoiding him? The freezers are full. I have such a problem saying "don't need anything today." so, problem solved. for now. my new hoodie arrived. am almost excited for tomorrow so I can wear it! of course, just wearing to and from work. no weekends off till we get someone who can breed or at least heat check. will deal with that later, as well. the grass is greening up, trees are budding, sun is shiny, flowers coming up...even I can be in a good mood on an afternoon like today. Katie's 3rd quarter report card was 7 As (1 99%, rest 100%!)and one A-. Kevin says we should ground her....I think he was kidding. that was college biology. I study with her. it is HARD! I am so proud of her.

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