hell, I am old people.

day 22-in-a-row. work. Orshelins to buy dog food and more lil' animals. chiropractor. Hy-Vee. and now I am home, thank God. and Katie is here too. I may have gray in my hair (ok, my roots are totally gray and need a touchup.) but I will eat something, and watch the telly, and maybe study parli with Katie when she feels like it. made it through another day. saw on Facebook that that saucy lady Miss Peggy from Welcome to Myrtle Manor has passed. that woman made me smile. I hope to be that kinda old chick.
Tangulls Salon GinaRoy Page Liked · 2 hrs near Myrtle Beach, SC · Heaven gained an angel today. Gonna miss you Miss Peggy!

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