get. this. shit. done. list. March. 2017.

order crib and changing table walmart.com
baby shower stuff!
finish pearls on dresser
finish victorian crazy quilt
grad party!
mail grad. announcements...Kate has mailed about half 3/17
clean out KJ's toybox and take over there for him.
Kate meningitis shot
pic of newest college acceptances
aunt mary wedding dress picture
recreate grad pic of KJ & Katie
grad gift for Max
hotel reservation for his grad...who's going?
pick up Katie's quilt from Karen Houk
do Kate's taxes
line dresser drawers
side by side pics of little girl red dress with roses and red prom dress with appropriate Lady in Red quote....
if she wins prom queen: "she's always been our little princess, now she's prom queen."
remind her to get housing deposit back from NWMSU. she took them off the list. and find someone to give her NWMSU hoody to.....
announcement when Katie selects her college!
get all her shit together that college needs (front and back of insurance cards, meninigitis shot, etc.)

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