I'm glad my mom is a tough old broad. she's still with us after a couple of scary days.

she got a pacemaker in today. all 4 of us kids, 1 grandkid, and 2 great grandkids, her sister, and a niece assembled in her room for a visit. I of course was there the least. I was grandkid sitting. she raised us right, to all come together in a time of crisis. she has 2 graduations and a new great grandbaby to get recovered for.


of course they're naming nasty distructive shit after me.

Cyclone Debbie has well and truly hit Airlie beach now, +250km winds. No flying sharks as yet. Stay safe ppl. #CycloneDebbie #queensland #airliebeach #cyclone #storm #naturesfury #wind #australia #whitsundays 1 DAY AGO
Hurricane Debby Aug. 2000
Tropical Storm Debby Florida June 2012


my baby sister Brenda's birthday is March 28th.

"The way I see it, you should live everyday like it's your birthday." Paris Hilton

hell, I am old people.

day 22-in-a-row. work. Orshelins to buy dog food and more lil' animals. chiropractor. Hy-Vee. and now I am home, thank God. and Katie is here too. I may have gray in my hair (ok, my roots are totally gray and need a touchup.) but I will eat something, and watch the telly, and maybe study parli with Katie when she feels like it. made it through another day. saw on Facebook that that saucy lady Miss Peggy from Welcome to Myrtle Manor has passed. that woman made me smile. I hope to be that kinda old chick.
Tangulls Salon GinaRoy Page Liked · 2 hrs near Myrtle Beach, SC · Heaven gained an angel today. Gonna miss you Miss Peggy!

Taylore Dailey 6 hrs near Bethany · 33 weeks today. Feels like I've been pregnant forever. Hopefully she'll not be stubborn and come earlier!

Taylore Dailey 2 hrs near Bethany · Took him 2 hours but he finally got the crib put together. Now we wait till Grandma Deb and Grandpa Kevin come over to help assemble the rest of her furniture.


Travel Crested Butte Page Liked · 9 hrs · Another gorgeous day in the mountains! ☀️

"But it's not about the battle, it's about the war. And that is far from over".

I'm all wrapped up in Outsiders when KJ calls asking me to call Walmart and give him permission to pick up the order. it's his anyway. why didn't I think of this before? we'll just head over Tuesday or Wednesday night to help him build stuff....

could a dress this cute even come in my size? of course it does. did I order it? silly question. I now have 2 new long dresses for this summer.....

why does pig barn life have to be so dramatic? why must we fight over part-timers? why must we lie? or be told to lie?

sticking to stories. so exhausting. how am I even supposed to remember the story I am sticking to? this is day #20. in a row. of work. of getting up to an alarm. I could never be a PETA spy. I can barely remember what I am actually supposed to do each day. and the phone calls and messages. I just can. not. deal. it would be easier to just work 20. hour. days. and do it all myself. sigh.

Taylore Dailey 6 hrs near Bethany · I have to gloat about my husband for a second. He bought me this, mascara, and foundation from Sephora for an anniversary present!

Taylore Dailey added 2 new photos — with K.J. Dailey. 7 hrs · Bethany · Happy anniversary babe! We made it through our first year of marriage and I can't wait to make it through many more years! Thank you for everything you do for me! Thank you for being the best husband I could ever ask for! I can't wait to see how good of a dad you'll be to Zerelda. I love you so much 💕

K.J. Dailey 7 hrs · Happy one year of marriage to my wife Taylore Dailey. Funny how much can change in a year. New job, baby on the way, and I'm excited for the many more years to come.

Only In New Orleans Page Liked · 10 hrs · In New Orleans, it's all in the details. :-) This fabulous shot was captured by Katelynn Smith‎.


True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach

Happy First Wedding Anniversary, KJ & Taylore Dailey!

Early Anniversary date with my love 💕


Katie has been working her old job at Princeton Big G and her new job at the reopened Mercer grocery store this week.....I stopped by Big G on my way home to get a couple pics of her...

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