pregnancy. some thoughts.

we have a granddaughter's arrival getting closer every day. I have found myself in a buying frenzy. but I have also noticed others who are pregnant. ok: I have watched shit on tv that has pregnant characters. Sallie Ann on Outsiders is pregnant with Hasil's baby. her brother found the pregnancy test. she drove off in his car, he told her not to come back. She tried to drink a gallon of bleach. she couldn't. then she took off her seat belt and mashed the accelerator and turned the car into the woods..but she stopped and that spooky ghost like Farrel girl who just wanders the mountain in her gauzy whitish dress took her hand and led her to Hasil. but The Bren'in won't let her stay. she's not clan. so Hasil leaves the mountain and tries to live with her (again) in the real world. not going so well. and she is telling him how much $ it costs to have a baby. and she has no insurance. he has no idea what she's talking about. on the mountain you go into a tent and come out with a baby.
and then Mandy on the movie I watched last night (that I think was kind of a Bigfoot movie?) Animal was pregnant. she hadn't told the dad. the creature got him first. she was the only one to survive. and it looked sketchy for her plenty of times. but she dug deep down inside herself and she drove away.
and family. on the season finale of Alaskan Bush People, they got that wind turbine up. Bam has left to go to the lower 48 looking for something. one would assume a woman. Noah has found Rhain Alicia. he is going to ask his parents to let her move in with him at Browntown. I worry about Bear. all that rolling around on the ground being extreme. I know he's one of the younger brothers, but I bet it's hard to find a good chiropractor in the bush. and what about Sabrina, their milk cow? she is producing less milk. so, she got a boat ride to visit a bull 9 miles away. another pregnancy theme.

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