I greatly admire Sue Aikens of Life Below Zero for her can-do attitude, pithy sayings, and being able to live alone in the middle of the wilderness.

this morning I happened onto an article about her suing the producers of her show for endangering her. couldn't find it again tonight. just a recap. that horrible snowmobile accident? they wouldn't let her drive the Argo. then they made her speed thru the overflow. she felt her bones breaking when she hit. they dramatized the accident and made her wait for medical care to make sure they filmed everything. someone locked her dog in a trailer that was -20 degrees. and drank all her vodka. he yelled at her and the crew. wouldn't let her wear a ski mask during filming so they could see her face. sent her out in vicious wind chills to film. and I think my job sucks....Sue is a hell of a woman. I hope they at least fire this jack ass. I am pretty fucking sure living in the wilds of Alaska on your own is dramatic enough. I always wondered about that accident. That was so not-Sue. the woman who will head back home in a blinding blizzard to live to hunt another day would not go helling off thru a danger zone like that. It was fishy. and now I know.

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