last night I finally stayed awake thru the Paranormal Lockdown Rampart Murder House episode....

bartenders fall in love during Katrina. they rent an upstairs apt. over a voodoo shop at the edge of the French Quarter. He jumps off a building in St Louis, leaving a suicide note. and they find his girlfriend, dismembered in their French Quarter apartment. writing in black spray paint on the stove and walls. Her head was boiled in a pot on top of stove. some of her was baked in the oven. some of her was in the fridge. and some still in bathtub. the apartment was rented again and again....before this happened, residents reported a peaceful little boy spirit. possibly a slave child. the apartment still has the SAME STOVE! the SAME FRIDGE! the SAME BATHTUB! and now fire damage. building was empty when Nick & Katrina investigated. Bloody Mary was there, she gave them a tour and history, then they helped her do a voodoo cleansing on the house before they left. a very moving episode. such an ugly history for such a quaint little cottage. I think it was built in 1823.
Nick & Katrina got feelings, they got very clear voices. pebbles thrown. Nick slept in the attic across those boards. Katrina right by the stove. eerie. creepy. scary. and such a sad story. The landlord said that Zack & Addie would want their happiness remembered. they loved New Orleans.
Zachary Bowen And Addie Hall During One Of Their Happier Moments.
Bloody Mary Paranormal Lockdown new New Orleans Haunted Museum location episode airs Feb 17 on TLC with Nick and Katrina! Look for TLC’s Bloody Mary Paranormal Lockdown episode on Friday, February 17th, giving the first look into her upcoming new New Orleans Haunted Museum. Check back here to get updates on the hauntings of this Lockdown location on BloodyMaryNewOrleanes.com and Be there to see New Orleans Haunted Museum investigation with Bloody Mary Paranormal Lockdown on TLC Friday February 17! This New Orleans Haunted Museum & Mystic Institute opens in April 2017, at what TLC dubbed “The French Quarter Murder House” of Zach & Addie. They are not the only ghosts inside either! Bloody Mary is an author and Voodoo Mambo who works as a psychopomp and provides spirit counsel for the living and the dead. She listens to the Spirit world and teaches you how-to too! Come join us in New Orleans. “Spirits come and go and communicate at various levels in their stages of development. They can still do work, karmic work, in the “interlife. I try to help,” explains Bloody Mary. “I believe they try to help us too.” Remember to join me for Bloody Mary tours or a Ghost hunt now and I will show you the otherside of New Orleans.

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“ To me, fair friend, you never can be old. For as you were when first your eye I eyed. Such seems your beauty still. -William Shakespeare

my husband joins Club 52 tomorrow. I always arrive a few months ahead of him. I'm afraid I've caused most of his wrinkles & gray hairs. But I love him dearly. hopefully a funny card and a Sammy Hagar cd will remind him of my devotion...and a Facebook post, of course...


πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰this would be our family on vacation....πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Taylore Dailey Decided on elephants for Z's room πŸ’•

pregnancy. some thoughts.

we have a granddaughter's arrival getting closer every day. I have found myself in a buying frenzy. but I have also noticed others who are pregnant. ok: I have watched shit on tv that has pregnant characters. Sallie Ann on Outsiders is pregnant with Hasil's baby. her brother found the pregnancy test. she drove off in his car, he told her not to come back. She tried to drink a gallon of bleach. she couldn't. then she took off her seat belt and mashed the accelerator and turned the car into the woods..but she stopped and that spooky ghost like Farrel girl who just wanders the mountain in her gauzy whitish dress took her hand and led her to Hasil. but The Bren'in won't let her stay. she's not clan. so Hasil leaves the mountain and tries to live with her (again) in the real world. not going so well. and she is telling him how much $ it costs to have a baby. and she has no insurance. he has no idea what she's talking about. on the mountain you go into a tent and come out with a baby.
and then Mandy on the movie I watched last night (that I think was kind of a Bigfoot movie?) Animal was pregnant. she hadn't told the dad. the creature got him first. she was the only one to survive. and it looked sketchy for her plenty of times. but she dug deep down inside herself and she drove away.
and family. on the season finale of Alaskan Bush People, they got that wind turbine up. Bam has left to go to the lower 48 looking for something. one would assume a woman. Noah has found Rhain Alicia. he is going to ask his parents to let her move in with him at Browntown. I worry about Bear. all that rolling around on the ground being extreme. I know he's one of the younger brothers, but I bet it's hard to find a good chiropractor in the bush. and what about Sabrina, their milk cow? she is producing less milk. so, she got a boat ride to visit a bull 9 miles away. another pregnancy theme.


I greatly admire Nick & Katrina on Paranormal Lockdown.

first off, ghost hunters have to be brave. you never know what you'll find. or what will find you. or happen to you. and then to sleep in these locations and just put yourself out there, 'at our most vulnerable' as they say...I can barely sleep in my own bed in my own house some nights. could I sleep on a cot in a ballroom in front of a fireplace? On a cot in a Turkish Bath? or a former insane asylum? on a bed in a haunted house? I don't think so. I have to summon up every bit of courage I have to go to locations where I might witness something. feel something. see something. I am very skittish. very very very skittish. sometimes I get so scared I am on the verge of tears. but such an adrenaline rush. oh my. and that's why Tracy & I do what we do.

the Vista Print baby shower announcements I ordered....

luckily I remembered it was trash day before I went to work....

our springlike February has left and now it is wintery snowy blowy cold February once again....Kevin called me at work to report that dr. is pleased with his progress. he has lost some weight, his #s look good. goes back in 6 months.

Fat Tuesday, '65


Katie made and ordered her graduation announcements tonight...

she has made her guest list....figured out who she's giving flowers to...
I got Taylore's shower announcements ordered. Katie found us fab deals on Vista Print!
we watched Bates Motel. it is the final season.
I did a bit more in the basement.....have all the totes of stuff I'm keeping neatly stacked on the shelves. and empty baskets and totes stacked. put all the grad/party stuff thus far in a tote. and all baby shower stuff in a tote.
found out that 'Baby Andy' is having a baby girl July 17th!

this. is. the. last. baby. gift. I. swear.

it wasn't even my fault. Taylore tagged me on Facebook....

memes, then bed....

photo by Lisa


unlike the other 9 people at the movie theater, I didn't know what John Wick's deal was. something about his wife, his dog, his car...

a lot of people died. gunfights. ran over by cars. knifed. beat up. there was a marker. death on the subway, in cool old tunnels, shooting at each other in public around other people. I mean, come on, even bad guys have gotta earn a living. I just didn't get it. It was very loud. I spent a lot of time looking at the floor. I'm jumpy, all the violence makes me flinch....but I mustered through. just not my kinda thing. Bigfoot? ghosts? syfy sharknado week? I'm your gal. true life murder? serial killers? bizarre documentaries? but no chick flicks. and no action movies. ick.

Deb, Kevin is thinking about you right now and is reminiscing about the wonderful times you've spent together. This quote defines your friendship perfectly: Uncertain times reveal true friends.

I am a sucker for this facebook magic....


Widely Adored Swimming Pigs Found Dead in the Bahamas

supposedly only 7 or 8 are left. bet someone from SHP went on vacay there and gave them prrs.....


I greatly admire Sue Aikens of Life Below Zero for her can-do attitude, pithy sayings, and being able to live alone in the middle of the wilderness.

this morning I happened onto an article about her suing the producers of her show for endangering her. couldn't find it again tonight. just a recap. that horrible snowmobile accident? they wouldn't let her drive the Argo. then they made her speed thru the overflow. she felt her bones breaking when she hit. they dramatized the accident and made her wait for medical care to make sure they filmed everything. someone locked her dog in a trailer that was -20 degrees. and drank all her vodka. he yelled at her and the crew. wouldn't let her wear a ski mask during filming so they could see her face. sent her out in vicious wind chills to film. and I think my job sucks....Sue is a hell of a woman. I hope they at least fire this jack ass. I am pretty fucking sure living in the wilds of Alaska on your own is dramatic enough. I always wondered about that accident. That was so not-Sue. the woman who will head back home in a blinding blizzard to live to hunt another day would not go helling off thru a danger zone like that. It was fishy. and now I know.

I am so excited to meet our newest granddaughter! — in Mercer, Missouri.

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