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I watched the final episodes of that cool paranormal show....The Paranormal Journey Into The Unknown

you know, the one I kept dozing off in front of? more on Brandenberg...there was a tornado in the 1970s, took out hte courthouse near the jail, 1 person killed there, 20 killed in a 2 block radius of the jail, there were only a couple of buildings left standing for the recently deceased souls to gather in....I love this girl's research and her kick ass t-shirt! she has her facts and knows her shit. I also like where they wrap up the evidence.
this show is so real. they get so excited about evidence, talking over each other, repeating themselves. they are the real deal. the tv cameras don't make them big shot movie stars. they're just honest to goodness paranormal investigators.
now they are in Hartford City Indiana at The Monroe House. More adventures with Paula-Gavin-and-Joe. built in the 1850s. original structure. several documented fires. people died there. built over a well to have water for the kitchen. when they dug the cellar (early day fridge, folks.) stuff was found that was tossed into a crawl space that original owner has boarded over.
animal bones bound together and hanging from rafters? true. little carved wooden dolls? true. Voodoo? Occult? Black Magic? White Magic? at one time it housed 2 families, then was chopped up more to make 3 apartments. Maybe a suicide? A hanging? other investigators have left items...dolls. etc.
Nobody currently lives here.
disembodied voices.
these investigators just hunker down and make themselves comfortable.
a camera kept turning off. 3 battery changes. 3 sdi card changes.
camera moving on it's own.
phone apps.
isolation experiment.
and when you have a haunted house you can name the rooms......The Doll Room. The Planet Room. (was The Devil's Box something they brought in or a permanent fixture in the house?) a child died here in the 2000s.
an internet picture of 2 little children on the second floor of Monroe House looking out.
I also found a pic of a woman looking out the window...
the man who owns it keeps windows covered. neighbors are always calling the cops reporting intruders.
the most persistent claims involving the Monroe house regard children. Many witnesses claim to have seen the apparitions of children looking out the second story windows, hearing the disembodied voices and screams of children, EVPs of children speaking, crying, and screaming – even interacting with paranormal investigators through baby monitors. These claims reach back to the 1930s and 1940s, and are reinforced by modern encounters with the same entities. Whether they are the earthbound spirits of children who lived in the house at one time or, as Wood suspects, demonic entities presenting themselves as children is impossible to determine. Regardless, the legend surrounding the Monroe House has had adequate time to percolate and the other claims of paranormal activity run the full gamut from spooky to horrifying.
In recent years, paranormal activity has escalated. Since 2012, witnesses have experienced shadow figures, full bodied apparitions, poltergeist activity, growls and snarls, bangs, footsteps, doors closing, creepy laughter, and windows slamming shut with such violence that they shatter. Pictures of apparitions, both child-sized and adult, are being taken with increasing frequency. People have been touched, pushed, punched, scratched, and been threatened by name. Now whatever is scaring visitors to the house will be confronted by Wood and his team in what is shaping up to be a seismic encounter between the living and the dead, the investigator and the entities. Their no-nonsense approach to hauntings and the completely transparent nature of their investigations makes LiveSciFi a fascinating team to cover. When I write about investigations into haunted locations, I do a lot of research on the location first: property records and deeds, death records, censuses, and newspapers in the town. What I’m looking for are events that might corroborate the claims of witnesses to the haunting. But the Monroe house is a difficult house to dig into. Surprisingly for a haunted residence, there are no documented deaths or tragedies on the property since 1900. That’s discouraging for me as a researcher, but doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story. What I did find about the property is both fascinating and frightening. Digging through old newspaper articles, I uncovered a bizarre string of accidents and disasters involving the families that occupied the property between 1900 and 1940, events that had disturbing elements and uncanny similarities. Beginning with a tenant’s nasty divorce that had accusations of child abuse, domestic violence, and desertion, the things that happened to other residents of the house – a prominent Belgian family by the name of Berger – were startling: the death of a daughter and her infant son in childbirth, which led to her other five children being raised by their grandmother after their father either died or disappeared; a brother whose feet were severely frostbitten, then after one foot got stepped on by a horse the man developed gangrene which resulted in the amputation of his leg; an accident where a wheel inexplicably fell off a carriage and seriously injured a daughter-in-law; and a hate crime that led to the near-fatal shooting of a son…just to name a few.
The curse, for lack of a better term, continued until 1940, when another tenant somehow drove his car into the support beam of a bridge. That beam somehow tore from the bridge and pierced the car, gruesomely impaling the driver and killing him. But 1940 was the end of the line for easy research on the property. As the Monroe house is a triplex, the complicated tangle of tenants and owners is impossible to decipher without a good starting point. The census for 1940 is the last census currently available to researchers, and the census is the starting point for learning who was living on the property. These bizarre events and the timeline that ensued from them corroborate elements of the haunting. History and personal experiences create the core of the house’s story, which is what a writer is looking for. The combination of documented fact and witness claims are what makes the Monroe house so terrifying. Searching for modern stories, however, is what makes the house and its story pertinent. Longtime residents of Hartford City were brought up hearing tales about the mysterious house at the corner of North Monroe and Franklin. Reports of child apparitions looking out the window are rife, as are neighbors’ claims of lights going on and off and audible conversations and screams from inside the locked and empty house. Three times in 2012, for example, neighbors called the police between March and May to report a black figure in the house, followed by a glow they thought was a fire. When the authorities arrived, the house was empty, silent, and locked up.

Pepi, The Lake Pepin Monster

frequent sightings at Maiden Rock Bluff. there is a Paddlewheel Boat "Pearl of the Lake" that takes you on Pepi Watch Tours.
Red Wing Brewing Company makes Pepi Porter.
Lake City, MN. there is a store that sells Pepi merchandise, all the stuffies and hoodies and mugs and tshirts are made by local artisans.
Bummer, can't find a children's Pepi book online. would they have one at the store, I wonder? will have to watch that show again to get the name....

Port Henry NY is the home of Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster.

Miss Coralie is getting a book about Champ for Christmas!
there are a lot of sightings at Bulwagga Bay. Is he a plesiosaur? the Mansi photograph.
the first Saturday of August is Champ Day. He walks in the parade on Labor Day. There is a Champ Trading Post featuring awesome Champ merchandise. There are Champ Potato chips.

North Carolina----Lake Norman's Monster Normie.

I rediscovered him again today watching American Monsters...
Ian is getting a book about him for Xmas....and I just ordered myself a patch for my quilt...I would someday like to travel to this lakes and gaze upon them and try to find these monsters for myself....
this lake was built to cool a nuclear power plant. is Normie a radioactive monster? did he always live in the river and now he's in the lake? There is a sight seeing Normie cruise.

New Years Eve 2017 and I'm X-mas shopping for 2018.....found these adorable monster books on one of my crazy monster shows!

Author Ed Shankman and illustrator Dave O'Neill have created winning books on Boston, Cape Cod, and Maine. Now they turn their attention to Vermont and one of that state's great legends: Champ, the "Monster" of Lake Champlain (a sort of Loch Ness Monster for the Green Mountain State). Champ is seen through the eyes of a likable tomboy, who sets out from her favorite spot by a maple tree and finds herself by the lakeshore. She meets Champ, who turns out to be a very kid-friendly monster, inviting the girl to sit on his head and ride with him through the Vermont countryside. Together, these unlikely friends dash past farms and mills and over covered bridges, meet some cows, eat some maple syrup-covered cheese, and eventually return to the girl's favorite maple tree. The charming story ends as it began: "If you come to Vermont / Near a lake called Champlain, / And you cut through the woods / On an old country lane, There's a chance you will see / My friend Champ and me / Playing happy and free / By the old maple tree."
and for IAN:
The "NORMIE" THE LAKE NORMAN MONSTER children's story book is a 24 page book featuring full-color illustrations and tells the story of Normie's beginnings and his search for friends on Lake Norman. Written by Amy Myers - a third grade teacher in Huntersville, NC - and illustrated by Graphic Artist Ron Barrantes, this book has color illustrations on each page of the story. For years, people have been reporting seeing “something” in the waters of Lake Norman. Now, for the first time in print, we tell a story of Normie the Lake Norman Monster. In our story, a young Normie looks for friends in and around the lake, but all the animals are too busy to play. Will Normie ever find someone to play with? Join Normie as he tries to find new friends on Lake Norman!

New Years Eve.

a day off? I'll damn sure take it. I mean, I got a whole THREE. DAYS. OFF. THIS. MONTH. colder than a witches tit outside. still in my jammies, braless, wild hair, and finally making breakfast. at 2:58 p.m.
I don't do resolutions anymore. But I look forward to a year of family, crazy tv viewing, days off work, ghost hunting, naps, hanging out in my jammies, and meeting the newest member of our family!!

what I'm watching on amazon on my day off....a paranormal horror western....if you could've thrown Bigfoot in there, it would've been the best thing ever!

Dead Birds
Director: Alex Turner
Writers: Simon Barrett
Release Year: 2004
Genre: Horror | Thriller | Western
Dead Birds is based in Civil War-era Alabama, the movie starts with a band of outlaws that after robbing a bank they take shelter at a vacant farm. The group of robbers is led by William, the group includes Sam, Todd, Annabelle, Clyde and Joseph. Their plans are to flee to Mexico, but nightfall and a thunderstorm force the robbers to remain in the farmhouse. After some time in the farmhouse each member starts to have visions of the slaughter that occurred within the house. As paranormal forces begin to manifest, they turn on one another. What will the outcome be?
the outcome was a bit confusing. but final. EVERYONE. DIED. and then come 2 more dudes just a strollin' up through the cornfield...


memes that may very well end up at work after the hubs installs the new printer.....(and I figure out how to use it....)

Katie found a documentary about this that we watched tonight....and I had to find the book on amazon....

On January 7, 1980, in the run-up to the publication of his landmark bestseller Thy Neighbor’s Wife, Gay Talese received an anonymous letter from a man in Colorado. “Since learning of your long awaited study of coast-to-coast sex in America,” the letter began, “I feel I have important information that I could contribute to its contents or to contents of a future book.” The man went on to tell Talese an astonishing secret, that he had bought a motel to satisfy his voyeuristic desires. He had built an attic “observation platform,” fitted with vents, through which he could peer down on his unwitting guests. Unsure what to make of this confession, Talese traveled to Colorado where he met the man—Gerald Foos—verified his story in person, and read some of his extensive journals, a secret record of America’s changing social and sexual mores. But because Foos insisted on remaining anonymous, Talese filed his reporting away, assuming the story would remain untold. Now, after thirty-five years, he’s ready to go public and Talese can finally tell his story. The Voyeur’s Motel is an extraordinary work of narrative journalism, at once a portrait of one complicated man, and an examination of secret lives and shifting mores in a culturally-evolving country.

what I've been watching lately....

Wild Men (2017)
they're spoofing Finding Bigfoot. and I love love love it.
Dustere Walder.
Bigfoot doesn't like sex in the woods, foreign subtitles or not. except it appears to be a boy from the village who was abused by and killed his parents. and then the village banned him to protect themselves. Gruesome. Horrific. Gross. Wish I'd never watched it. kind of a Cropsy dude, wearing the gunny sack over his head. She thought her boyfriends was dead and escaped and left him there. He will be now. He almost made it out. She thought she killed the killer. Nope. Not dead.
The Cropsey Incident.
Something's growling in the woods after Linda took a piss....no monsters like you pissing in their living room, folks. or fornicating. these infractions quite often end in death or at the very least, dismemberment. Is it too much to hope this is a Bigfoot movie? But the title tells us otherwise. Nope, it's just a psychotic serial killer....
this was twisted and fun. so, I guess Cropsey is like Pumpkinhead...if you kill him, you take his place....
The Paranormal Journey Into The Unknown
real life investigations. cool stuff and just the normal stuff...walking around, conversations, etc. I like it. kind of like ghost hunting with Tracy & Deb. so far....St Albens Sanitormia (VA, I think..); Old South Pittsburg Hospital in TN (with a Shadowman that looks like Bigfoot on the 3rd floor!)
The Paranormal Journey:Into the Unknown From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Paranormal Journey:Into the Unknown Website www.phantasmicghosthunters.com The Paranormal Journey:Into the Unknown is an American paranormal television series that will premiere as a new original series in the United States on Amazon Oct 31st, 2017. The promos has taken the media by storm.[1] The series features Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell as they investigate[2] the most haunted abandoned asylums, sanitariums and mental hospitals. The show airs on Saturday's at 8/7c.[3] They have been heard[4] across the United States on numerous AM / FM Radio Stations [5] The series follows the paranormal team known as the Phantasmic Ghost Hunters setting out to shake up the Paranormal realm or community with their investigative processes and scientific experimentation at numerous haunted locations across the nation.[6] Country Music Star Turned Ghost Hunter.[7]
Phantasmic Ghost Hunters: Gavin Kelly - PGH Founder Paula Purcell - PGH Historian
The series features a team of 2 Paranormal Investigators out to get a better understanding and the true meaning of Life after Death. Communicating with the other side with documented proof whether it be Video Footage, Photographs and EVPS. We are determined to seek out Hauntings in the most Haunted locations in the United States, to debunk their claims, bring forth documented data to prove whether or not the dwelling is actually Haunted. There are many un-documented stories out there which we want to be the 1st to uncover the truth. Opening introduction: “ Is there life after Death?, We prove it to you ”
Discovering Bigfoot
Todd Standing is enthusiastic!!!! he reminds me a bit of Bear Brown galloping through the streams on Alaskan Bush People...and he is living out there in the wild, earning the trust of the 'squatch, feeding them apples, whistling with them, and capturing them on video and in photographs....and expertly tracking them.
Holy hell. a Chupacabra.
twig snaps.
note to self. DON' T GO TO PANAMA. if you do go into dense jungle, take a gun. and a machete. probably some dynamite. expect to lose a couple of your companions. If you upload a facebook video begging for help, it may come.


R.I.P. Sasha Rose Dailey

We were never really sure how old you were when we got you. you were a highly excitable girl, but full of love. we traveled to Colorado. once you & Daisy locked me out of the truck at Danielle's house. we watched many a tv show together. We never did make it to Alaska to start our dog team and cook fish soup over an open fire. you died in your bed all wrapped up in your blankets. I laid you to rest in the pasture under the pine tree and gave you some of your toys. Now you can chase all the rabbits and mini vans and kids on bikes you please. Love you, Sasha. God Speed.

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