Hey grandma! I miss you πŸ’•

got messages last night asking me to make a tshirt quilt for a friends daughter. that made me feel important and wanted.

today I was asked to take pictures at Brittany's sister's wedding. but I have to work that weekend. could I get it off? it's an honor just to be asked. really. for someone to think I have enough talent to do something like that. I have taken 2 sets of senior pictures....(3 counting Kate's practice pictures.) but 2 have actually been used in the yearbook for real actual senior stuff. what an honor.

tonite after work Kevin & I went to Miss Makinlee's 1st birthday party.

her mom and I work together. I know how hard Chey worked on this red, white, and blue themed party. and it was perfect! the sign about Makinlee, the pallet displaying her pictures, the tutu, the backdrop, the cake, the themed tableware. all just perfect! she seemed to like the toys we gave her, too...

Taylore: Our beautiful little girl πŸ’•

6 Guns

6 Guns (2010) Directed By: Shane Van Dyke (Paranormal Entity) Reviewer: Chuck Conry
The Prologue: Well look out Y’all it’s a western and it has a Van Dyke behind the camera! But in all fairness Shane Van Dyke was behind the camera for Paranormal Entity that people seemed to really dig and sadly I haven’t seen that one..yet. So heading into 6 Guns I had a lot of high hopes even with me not being the biggest western fan in the world. But don’t let the cover full you my friends this isn’t just another western it’s a pretty over all good flick that fans of any genre will enjoy giving a watch.
The Movie: After a gang out for revenge kills her husband and two children Selina Stevens befriends a well known bounty hunter to seek out her own revenge on those who took her whole life away! And as you all know, you can never go wrong with a revenge plot! In the first twenty minutes of this movie I don’t think it’s giving too much away to say that two kids are killed and a woman is raped. Now I don’t mind telling you this because it says that is what goes down on the box but I can tell you it’s not an easy watch and something you don’t look for with the term “western” but the more awful it is the more satisfying it is when you get to see the woman in this movie go on her trail of revenge…With a little help of course. But when you look passed the disturbing open to the film and you look past the revenge all together you get a really good film over all. It’s made well, the acting is good and I’m sure you’ll love both Sage Mears playing Selina and Barry Van Dyke playing Frank Allison who is the bounty hunter. On the other end of that I’m sure you’ll hate Geoff Meed’s character of Lee Horn who is one evil bastard in this thing as well. His gang he runs with aren’t the coolest cats you’ll ever find either. This film may be a straight to DVD film but the quality isn’t lost on it. Many folks will write a movie off based on just that. Now, I think most the folks that read this blog don’t fall into that group but in the chance that you are I must tell you that you could do a lot worse than 6 Guns if you are looking into wanting to check out and unknown movie. Perhaps the plot isn’t anything new and maybe you’d rather see something that hasn’t been done as much as the over all plot but I think you’ll find yourself into the movie as it all builds to the end while watching it. Now as the old saying goes revenge is a dish best served cold and while this is a very good film to watch I do think the people in this don’t really get it as bad as they should when revenge time comes around. Sure you get some blood, you get some gun fighting, and you get a pretty interesting climax to the whole thing (all the while having a very nice looking lady to look at), but if I had my way I think body dismemberment would have been the only logical way to get revenge..Than again, this may be why I don’t make movies?
The Conclusion: If you are looking to check out 6 Guns then on March 30th you can do that very thing when it’s released by Asylum. For my money I’d say it’s well worth checking out as it’s the only gun slinging movie I’ve really liked since Tombstone…And you know how long it’s been since that came out. So if you are looking to kick back and take it easy with a well made film 6 Guns may just be that film for you!
The Rating (7/10)
ok. my own movie review. we start out with housewife Selena baking a birthday cake for her husband. they're drinking out of big mason jars. he's putting windows and a roof on the house before a storm. she's wearing this lace backless dress that looks kind of inappropriate for a gal in a cabin in the desert. then the bad guys come. they kill her husband and her sons. they rape her. the one guy is supposed to kill her. he doesn't. so, then a whole bunch of sheriff's and deputies have to die. and they go back for her. she is now the town drunk. (she has to walk a mile into town to be the town drunk. determination.) she gets a bounty hunter to teach her how to shoot and she ends up killing 2 of the bad guys. but my deal: she has this wacky shoulder length hair. did girls back then do that? wasn't it a law they had to have 15 foot of hair wound up into a bun bigger than their head? and she is wearing high heels. how practical was that? and her skirts are all showing a lot of ankle. was that a thing? here she is in town traipsing around with her gun belt around her hitched up skirt in her high heels with that soccer mom hairdo....shooting bad guys. the movie was gruesome, as I am sure the actual wild west was. senseless violence. misery. suffering. and I have a problem with the costuming? what is wrong with me?


Ridgeway R-V 2017-2018 Faculty and Staff Social Studies: Karl Dailey

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Nanci posted this easy peanut butter fudge recipe....

the scariest urban legend in every state....MISSOURI!

A common urban legend that is actually true. A patron checked into a Kansas City, Missouri hotel and complained multiple times to the hotel staff about an extremely foul odor. After blowing him off a few times, housekeeping finally checked the room out, but found the source of the odor was a dead body under the bed.

"I feel like I'm gonna black out. I feel like I'm gonna black out and just wake up in my bed.". Aaron.

omg, Aaron, when I'm on an investigation and my heart is in my mouth and I think a shadow is creeping down the hall towards me....or something moved out of the corner of my eye....I know. I know. Tracy's husband calls us The Mercer Ghostbusters. but we'll never be as cool as The Ghost Adventures Crew.
"I just need to go to sleep. I wanna go to sleep." different investigation. I get this one, too, Aaron. I get this one, too.

Anti-stalking. verb. learning a person's routine in order to avoid them.

Taylore: My newest tattoo!


ooooohhhhhhh! google says just 24 miles away! looks like Tracy found a good one!!!!!


Happy 2 years to my girl 😘 Katie Dailey


Happy 2 years, Jared Campbell!! I can't believe we've been together since I was 16.. At the time, I had no idea you would become one of my very favorite people. All the years we went to school together, and never said a word to each other. I talked to you first, on the second to last day of your junior year (Good thing because you were way too shy to talk to me πŸ˜‚.) The rest is history. Together, we've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. So here it is, from our very first picture, to our first real date, to now (in chronological order of course.) ❤️ Love you, all the time.

Here Are The 12 Best Places To Spot A Ghost In Missouri

Missouri is home to some of the most haunted sites in the U.S. Ghosts linger at many of these infamous locations after their lives were cut short from tragic accidents, murders, and even suicide. If you believe in the paranormal and are brave enough to visit, these 12 sites in Missouri give you the best shot at seeing a ghost. 1. Vaile Mansion - Independence
The Vaile Manson was constructed in 1881 for Colonel Harvey Merrick Vaile and his wife, Sophia. Sophia died in the home in 1883 from a morphine overdose while her husband was away on business. Visitors have claimed to see Sophia standing in the upstairs window. The mansion is now open for tours at 1500 North Liberty Street, Independence. been there! several times! 2. Savoy Hotel and Grill - Kansas City
Built in 1880, the Savory Hotel has many reports of apparitions. Room 505 is supposedly haunted by Betsy Ward reportedly who died in the room. Paranornal Investigators have reported hearing voices, seeing orbs, and even sightings of a young girl in Victorian clothing on the 4th floor. Currently the hotel is under construction but will re-open in 2018. Find Savoy Hotel at 219 W. 9th Street, Kansas City. 3. Union Station - Kansas City
Union Station in Kansas City is reportedly haunted by former workers and travelers. An apparition named Suggs Mailer is one of the most well known spirits that hangs around the station. After his retirement from the mail room the former employee was never seen again. Now reports of his spirit lurking in the basement have been reported. Workers also state seeing a woman dressed in black walking down the stairs after hours. Visit the historic Union Station at 30 W Pershing Road, Kansas City. been there! 4. Governor's Mansion - Jefferson City
The Missouri Governor's Mansion was built in 1872. Former Governor Thomas Crittenden lived in the home with his family from 1881-1885. While living in the mansion his daughter Caroline passed away from diphtheria. A century later, during renovations, a contractor talked with a young girl as she played upstairs. After the contractor inquired about the girl to the house keeper he realized that he had seen a ghost and quit the project. Visitors can tour the home at 100 Madison Street, Jefferson City. 5. Jesse James Farm - Kearney
The Jesse James Farm in Kearney, Missouri was the childhood home to the famous American outlaw, Jesse James. The family was terrorized by those looking to capture their outlaw son. His mother was injured and his half brother killed in bombing by police who were hoping to take Jesse in dead or alive (by order of Gov. Crittenden). Now open to visitors for tours, many have reported hearing gunshots, hoof beats, and whispers on the farm. You can visit the Jesse James Farm at 21216 James Farm Road, Kearney. been there. want to go back! 6. Lemp Mansion - St. Louis
The Lemp Mansion was built for the wealthy Lemp Family who owned a successful brewery in St. Louis during the late 1800's into the early 1900's. In December of 1901 the youngest son of the Lemp Family, Fredrick, died of health complications The head of the family, William Lemp, unable to cope with his son's death committed suicide in the home in 1904. Three other members of the Lemp family committed suicide in the home between 1920 and 1949. All members of the Lemp Family have since passed and the home is now a restaurant and event center. The mansion also offers guests rooms for those looking to encounter the ghost of the Lemp Family. Find the Lemp Mansion at 3322 DeMenil Place, St. Louis.
7. Pythian Castle - Springfield
The Knights of Pythias, a secret fraternal organization, built the castle in 1912 as a home for children and widows of members of the organization. Legend has it that children staying at the castle were forced to work in horrid conditions. The castle was commandeered by the U.S. government during WWII and used as a recovery home for wounded soldiers. The soldiers reported hearing screams and seeing the ghosts of children. The castle is now an event center and provides ghost tours on Tuesday and Friday nights. Visit the Pythian Castle at 1451 E Pythian St, Springfield. have tickets for a November night time ghost hunt! 8. Stephen's College - Columbia
Many ghost stories have been circulating about Stephen's College for decades. Senior Hall (pictured) is home to one of the college's more well known ghosts, Sarah. Sarah was reportedly a student at Stephen's college during the Civil War when she received word that her love interest had been killed for desertion and in response hung herself. Her ghost along with others who sing to students and tuck them in can be visited on campus at 1200 E. Broadway, Columbia. 9. Missouri State Penitentiary - Jefferson City
The Missouri State Penitentiary has one of the darkest histories in the state. The prison was home to violent criminals and unfortunately the violence didn't end after they got locked up. Ghostly sightings, unexplainable sounds, and horrible stories await you at the over 100 year old prison. Take a tour or stay overnight at the Missouri State Penitentiary located at 115 Lafayette Street, Jefferson City, been there! 10. Thespian Hall - Boonville
Thespian Hall in Boonville opened in 1857 and is the oldest theater west of the Appalachians. Reports have been made of an apparition of an older woman with gray hair and a white blouse visiting the theater and sitting in the audience. Workers have also heard ragtime music and noted that items have moved and changed position on their own. Arrange a tour and find the Thespian Hall at 522 Main Street, Boonville. 11. Bellefontaine Cemetery - St. Louis
Stories of ghosts appearing as children have surrounded Bellefontaine Cemetery for years. One apparition is a young boy who runs in front of your car tricking you into believing that you have hit him. Visit on your own or take a guided tour. Find St. Louis' most famous cemetery at 4947 W. Florissant Avenue, St. Louis. 12. Central Methodist University - Fayette
The campus of Central Methodist University is haunted by two former faculty members of the music department. Dean of the department, N. Louise Wright, passed out mid-performance and died in 1958. Students have reported hearing her play the piano in the empty conservatory following her death. A few years later, conductor Dr. Thomas Erskine Birch died on-stage after suffering from a heart attack. Many have reported sightings of him on campus dressed for a performance and smoking a cigarette. Central Methodist University is located at 411 Central Methodist Square, Fayette. Have you visited any of these paranormal destinations? Tell us your ghost stories in the comments below. If you are are looking for a scary adventure, check out the haunted Missouri road trip.


Koren called and updated me on swim lessons....oh, my!

raising spirited children is a constant challenge....

Taylore: She's not enthused πŸ˜‚

Taylore: Just for fun Okay mommies whats your story?πŸ˜† Due dateπŸ”’: 5/15/17 Day i gave birthπŸ”’: 5/19/17 Pain reliefπŸ’Š: epidural StitchesπŸ’‰: Not sure Time pushing⏰: 0. Time bornπŸ‘ΆπŸ»: 8:47 am Time in labor⏰: 0 Natural or c-section🏩: C-Section Weight⚓️: 8lbs 11.9oz GenderπŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘¦πŸ»: Female Name : Zerelda James Dailey

what the hell is going on?

I can only remember a handful of times I have left work early because I was sick. add today to the list. Roni told me to leave. I should've left. I worked yesterday with projectile diarrhea and felt better than I did today. vicious side pain. (rib out? appendix on the fritz?) feverish. chills. feel weak and dizzy. (migraine? hot flash? malaria? insanity? )vague sense of uneasiness. (heart attack?) I was having trouble walking. I insisted on helping move animals, then slowly limped to the shower. came home and crashed on the couch. and felt normal when I woke up. (exhaustion? the knowledge that I am on day 4 of 19?) Katie & Kevin both wondered why I was home. I kinda wondered, too. Am I just a big pansy? Then Kevin was reading jobs at the nursing home aloud to me. I know that if I ever feel in a position to make less $$$, that's where I'm headed. no more walking risers. no more dragging dead sows. no more million days in a row. hey, they have heat and a/c.


hope springs eternal.

so, once again, I find myself circling stuff in the Eureka Springs vacation guide...found cabins that sleep up to 10 for $270/night.....of course a ghost tour, a cave, the big cat rescue, some eating. canoeing perhaps?
ok. it didn't happen in 2016. or 2017. thinking that 2018 will be the year.

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