it's New Years Eve.

Kate & I worked all day. gonna eat some tacos, then she has plans. Kevin will work all night, so I plan on tv and the glass from our anniversary date filled with some of that interesting looking bottle of wine I got awhile back. Katie & I tried the wine. I got like 3 sips down. it went down the sink. but I have a cool new bottle and cork for my collection...

Taylore Dailey 7 hrs near Bethany · You sure do melt my ❤️


Koren Wills added 2 new photos. 4 hrs · Grain Valley · It's 57 degrees and we are playing outside at the end of December in Missouri, global warming is real lol

baby shower ideas.

date: Friday April 14.
theme: "What Are Little Girls Made Of"
to do: rent Community Building. Koren found the perfect cake...cupcakes made into a rose bouquet! decor: pink, gold, & girly. games: (1)my water broke. (2)pin the binky on the baby. (3)the dirty diaper game...make diapers out of napkins. every guest pins on a diaper. at some point, check to see who has the 'dirty diaper' (raisin, piece of dark paper, etc.). they get a prize. gifts for games....(1)Dada Board book by Jimmy Fallon. (2) the fancy socks I got for Coralie that were too damn small. (3) and a humonguous head bow.....make facebook event. make invite and mail. guest list from Taylore. And find a big old picture frame I can spray paint for photo ops...never mind. just took the glass and pic out of one mom gave me. and it's already gold!!!. ordered stuff from amazon. found the perfect What Are Little Girls Made Of sign on etsy....
got Community building rented. Taylore will do facebook event....

starting a new project....a super soft patchwork quilt for the arrival of our granddaughter Zerelda James Dailey...

got a patchwork quilt top somebody made with love then put in a second hand store....backing with Koren's old old old Sandra Boynton flannel pig sheet....
also, guess Koren & I are planning a baby shower for Taylore!

I posted this on facebook. mom commented. I commented. John commented. our family.....

my mom: So glad John is in charge of me in my old age!!!!!
me: probably best that way.....but be assured I do love you!
lil' brother John: I've got your back! I'll avoid texting excessively so I won't need to charge my phone :-)

Travel Crested Butte Page Liked · 8 hrs · Majestic mountains? ✔️


Travel Crested Butte Page Liked · Yesterday · Buildings covered in license plates? We've got 'em.

something kind of funny happened today.

maintenance guy came in to fix dead cart. He tried cranking up a sow. and made a comment about how hard it was. and here we are, a barn full of gals. cranking dead sows all the live long day, it seems. went to the second hand store on way home, I was remembering an awesome ragged old quilt I was thinking I could redo for baby Zerelda. didn't find it, but found a cute quilt top and some flannel for back. will see how it turns out. also remembered (with 2 days to spare!) to pay our property taxes. also found in bill box: my crown bill. (Kevin's dental pays more than mine does. Boo hiss.) a dr. bill for Kevin. the life insurance I carry on KJ. plus the regular 2 million dollars I spend monthly on cell phones and vehicle insurance....livin' the dream here. not my Alaska homesteading dream. or my Tennessee cabin dream. or my meeting a real nice Bigfoot while hiking in the woods dream. maybe I'm living more of a materialistic nightmare? of my own creation, no less. hey, I'll just curl up on couch with a blanket and watch some of my expensive ass satellite shows....which I couldn't give up for the world!

Travel Crested Butte Page Liked · 7 hrs · More snow in the forecast this weekend, bring it Ullr


it is only Tuesday and I am exhausted.

I even made a whiny comment on my sisters Facebook post about getting 4 Mondays in a row off. which is my own fault, for having a horrible job and no education. but whatever. started a new ghost hunting with deb & tracy blog. actually started 2 ghost hunting blogs somehow. trying to remember how to delete the one....it will eventually come to me in a moment of lucidity. or the zombie apocalypse will come and it won't matter anyway.

Only In New Orleans Page Liked · 2 hrs · An early morning photographed in New Orleans while all is still quiet. :-) Photo by Timothy Neesam.

Travel Crested Butte Page Liked · December 25 · More snow last night and we're waking up to a white Xmas! 😃 — in Downtown Crested Butte.

Travel Crested Butte Page Liked · Yesterday · Edited · We like to measure our snow with townie baskets

Travel Crested Butte Page Liked · 9 hrs · Another day in paradise. ☀️

....day 2 back to work. I am so not meant to be a working girl....

Abandoned Asylums

talk about the perfect senior picture backdrop! I wonder where this is????

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