Bigfoot: he may or may not be behind the clump of trees on far left...or far right... but this is the perfect habitat....

KJ's washer quit. so took 'the spare' one to him. the boys installed it.

we met Taylore for supper at Toot-Toots. then we went to Wal-mart.


Baby it's cold outside ❄️

The Wild Truth

just discovered that Chris McCandless sister wrote a book, too. got on amazon and ordered. it just came out last year, so not that far out of the loop. I've had worse days....
Chris fascinated me. I had the book about him, but sold it when I was a book vendor online. just to take off on your own, and to get a few photographs, and to live life on your own terms...probably need to read it again.

last nite Kate got invited to J's for supper. Lucky girl.

our oven is broke and all I want to eat is the turkey I tried to bake the day I discovered our oven was broke. parts ordered. had to shower when I got home from work since we were outside putting up bubble wrap (true story) and smelled like pig. then put on my jammies, sewed on quilt, tried to read, made some lackluster food, and found the remote and about a trash can full of dust bunnies, cough drop wrappers, and dropped Puffs Plus with Lotion under my bed. by then I was too tired to make it all the way thru Edge of Alaska. know I dozed off so will have to rewind. Jenny & Caleb are making their babies crib from willow they resourced on their land. they want to have the baby at home, but know a trip to Anchorage could happen.


"We were in college when we met. We had not a dollar between us. But I think that's where the cement, the bond of love, really starts to bind two people together as you go through the hardships of having nothing and building together from nothing. That gives you a maturity and a series of life lessons that get you through the tough times...."

wise words from "Utah Dad" on Sister Wives. when you had all those kids practically at the same time, you have to expect some overlapping weddings and childbirths and other life events. (I remember Kody busy courting Robin while Christine was pregnant with Truly...that was overlapping life events a bit, eh?) Mykelti and Tony are in love. they shouldn't have to give you time to recover from Madison's wedding. In reality, they could pay for their own wedding. they are modern kids living in modern times. and I am happy for them. I was young and head over heels in love once upon a time.....

Harper had a girl. and she named her Ashley Rookwood.

So much of what was best in life went unnoticed in the moments you had it.
I am always with you. Love never burns away. It just keeps on and on.
and so I have finished The Fireman by Joe Hill. his books are filled with such imagery. I get so sucked in. and they change my life.
Katie decorated the tree! it is amazing. love the red and gold.

All married or dating couples -

Who is older? me
How long have you been together? 33+ years
Did you go to the same school? No
Who is the most sensitive? me
Who has the worst temper? depends on the day
Who is most sociable? Kevin
Who is the most stubborn? toss up
Who has the bigger family? me
Do you get flowers often? sometimes
Who eats the most? me?
Who is the first one to admit when they're wrong? who the hell is wrong?
Who has the craziest exes? who remembers?
Who wears the pants in your relationship? depends on who's home
Who cries more? me
Who hogs the bed? me
Who said "I love you" first? don't remember
Who is the better cook? hmmmmm
Who is more messy? not gonna go there
Who is the better singer? Kevin

Travel Crested Butte Page Over a foot of fresh snow in the Butte!


Travel Crested Butte Page We had a wonderful, snowy Sunday.

Early Merry Christmas, Mom! love, your kids

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Travel Crested Butte Page · Breakfast on Elk this morning, anyone? 🍳 — at McGill's At Crested Butte.

Travel Crested Butte · November 24 · Edited · Turkey Trot this morning, CB style. Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving! 🦃🍴

Travel Crested Butte Page· 1 hr · Have a seat and watch the snow pile up today 😁 —downtown Crested Butte

facebookin' like a boss....

found this years snowman....a cool haunted location for Tracy & I to check out....and a bunch of memes that suit me to a "T".

Thanksgiving 2014

I woke up during another weird ass dream....but before I forget....I also had this thought.

libraries are important. yeah, I only use our county library when our printer won't work and I don't have time to drive to Bethany to get a new one. I find the deadline to return books tedious. so, my books come from Kindle and amazon and various other online places. I read at my leisure. and I like to be surrounded by books. yeah, I am currently reading a library book....but I bought it on amazon and it is mine all mine. BUT here's where I was going. in post-apocalypse situations.....like STEPHEN KING's The Stand and JOE HILL's The Fireman, the survivors of Captain Tripps and Dragonscale need the library. So they can read up on how to can their own food and do c-sections. and rewire stuff. because a lot of the specially trained folks are gone....like doctors and electricians. dentists. mechanics. Hell, in The Fireman fuckin' Google is gone. gone. can you even imagine? In my youth when I started reading Stephen King, nothing seemed scarier than the long lines of electric poles stretching as far as the eye could see that had no electricity. But no GOOGLE? Heaven forbid. all that stuff we've been storing in "The Cloud"? it would be useless. couldn't get to it. so, anyway. I think reading The Fireman is definitely affecting my dreams. Read on.
something bad has happened. we are in the city. not much traffic. people are coming together in make shift shelters in large buildings....not sure where we are, even. But Kevin & I have found a tiny apartment. cell phones don't work anymore. I have a job but it's a journey....like hiking blocks and blocks and blocks thru The Apocalypse. and no pay. just public service stuff. because now money is like google. I hike back to the place we're staying. trying to work my way thru huge crowds. there are free food stations. I want beef and noodles, and some hot cocoa. but I want to get home to Kevin. I wait in line an endless time for a bathroom. {translation: porta potty. because it's The Apocalypse. for some reason it has clear glass sides, which is freaky and actually not any better than just squatting on the street, but it seems important to be civilized and go where you're supposed to go.) get separated from the friend I walk to work with. can't find her in the crowd. there are no street lights, just torches. someone makes fun of my frumpy tan dress I am wearing. This seems a bit rude under the circumstances, but I'm too tired to explain. I had a dog that was walking with me, but I had to leave it outside the shelter and it's gone. The streets are scary. people carrying boards with nails in them. lengths of chain. no one talks as they meet. I now realize I am lost. I don't remember how many blocks from the shelter to our apartment. nothing looks right. I wish I could call Kevin. maybe I should backtrack and figure out where I went wrong. but maybe I just need to go another block. and then I wake up, heart racing.


a day off! slept till I woke up. Kate was already gone, she went to a holiday dinner with Jared

Christmased the house up. put up tree. threw away several light strands that didn't work. The weiner dog won't light up, either, but is too damned cute to throw away. Sewed. Read. watched tv. heated up leftovers for lunch. Kevin went to work.

I had the weirdest dream last night.....

(just exactly how many posts have I started like this?) Mom was having an auction at her old house. there were huge empty rooms that weren't there when we lived there. the entire interior was painted this electric blue. the hallway had heavy plastic taped across the doors, I panicked when I couldn't get out of the hallway. Mom was telling us just to take what we wanted. I was getting all these cool old toys for Coralie & Ian, but none of them were OUR childhood toys. I found the most adorable wooden kitchen, Lisa told me it was hers and I could have it for $100. Kevin was like....NO. NO. NO. outside was a huge garden, with built in hillside bleachers and a monumental Civil War Memorial.
I had to go to work, but I wasn't in the barn. I was working at the school in some kind of assistant accounting position. I was wearing sweats and my Muck boots. The Superintendent was chatting me up. He told me to go home, but I forgot my boots and had to go back. Then I forgot my keys. and I wasn't wearing pants. I finally got out of there, then we had to stay at Mom's old house which wasn't really her old house, but we were bunked up in her bedroom. there were tons of beds shoved in there. Somehow, Kevin & I had to sleep with a guy I worked with years ago. We were talking and catching up. Kevin was trying to sleep but we wouldn't shut up. then I was in this closet that was full of vintage clothes. Clothes that no one in our family ever owned. I was trying to figure out where all this shit came from. People were fighting over stuff like it was Black Friday and there were $100 60" flatscreens. Just sheer mayhem. Misty looking figures wearing Civil War era clothes wandered around the garden area. I had so much shit in my arms I kept dropping it. I was collecting fabric for my Victorian Crazy Quilt. Old books. antique furniture. artwork. I just kept finding more and more rooms. There were no doors to get outside. The patio doors were gone. The original windows were back. The kitchen door to the back porch was nailed shut. I couldn't find the front door.

"...a washed-out, weary, and not terribly attractive woman who had done some hard living."

The Fireman, Joe Hill.


my childhood toy box...now my grandkids toy box. being a grandma is the best!

"Driving the path of life, you can hit a speed bump or you can hit a fricking brick wall."

Sue Aikens, Life Below Zero.
I drug the tree up to basement, cleaned out trunk and put xmas gifts in it, drug toy box to under front windows to make a space for the tree. online shopping like a boss.

Im pretty happy with life 😊

yesterday was a magical day of family.....

went to work early for a couple of hours, napped on the road. spent a wonderful day with Koren, Cody, Ed, Norma, Ian, Coralie, Katie, & Kevin. ate our first fried turkey. went shopping on my first ever Black Thursday (or Black Friday, for that matter.) the drive-thru line at McDonalds after was much more brutal than the Target crowd. got Mom a flat screen as a small thank you from our family. she has saved our bacon financially a lot these last few years. slept some on way home. and now it's up and at 'em for wean day.

The Deranged World Of Serial KillersLike Page Don't forget to wish a happy 70th to Ted today; Theodore Robert Bundy (born Theodore Robert Cowell) November 24, 1946 – January 24, 1989. ~Dahmer Sutra

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There is so much to be thankful for 🦃🦃

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