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I love halloween. I love picking out costumes. I love decorating. I love the candy.

I loved dressing up and taking the kids trick-or-treating. I loved volunteering at the Elementary Fall Festival. I always took the day off work. but not anymore. several years ago Katie was rather embarrassed that I showed up at school and volunteered for stuff. she asked me not to. so I quit. I enjoy having more time to myself. but I do miss it. had to work late today, which makes me sad. then I drove home thru the early trick-or-treating families on State Street, which made me sad. so sad. But Kate stayed home and found a scary movie on Netflix for us to watch....
then we watched a couple of episodes. Koren & KJ had all the books at one time and LOVED the series. then we watched That 70s Show and now it is bedtime. no trick-or-treaters. so I ate my weight in Reese's white chocolate ghosts.
Katie & Brittany wore togas and vine crowns. they were adorable.

That Sunday morning at Home Depot feeling lol

Koren Wills Yesterday near Grain Valley · Our fence is coming along! Cody Wills is so handy (and so is Kevin Dailey who helped dig all 5 billion post holes)

We are handing out candy while Ian supervises the last of the fence work


tidbits from Aunt Mary about The Vaile Mansion.

The Mausoleum where the Vailes and her sister and a fourth person are buried. It's supposed to be patterned after the tower at the front of the mansion. One woman thinks there's a stairway and I think a glass floor.
Some people have claimed to feel vibes when in the first gift shop room where minor surgeries were done (I don't know if other than lobotomies were done). A few guides say they do not mention the lobotomies on the tour. It's a fact when it was a hospital and sanitarium. Some don't want to do anything that will interest paranormals. They all wanted to have us verify that there are ghosts, but the head honchos don't want anyone to do that. I just say, "We don't make such claims."
Yesterday p.m. a copule from Northern Arizona came by the Vaile. She is related to the cousins, third I think, of Harvey Vaile named SPRAGUE. She said that the head housekeeper was believed to have been Harvey's mistress. She said that her name was OLIVA (a family name) and not Olivia. They had been to Mount Washington Cemetery where they thought Oliva was buried, but the cemetery had no record of her. So then they wondered if she was in the mausoleum. One tour guide brought down an old picture album from the library that I'd never seen. The lady took out, looked at the back, then replaced each photo one by one. Supposedly, there are only three bodies buried in the mausoleum...Harvey and wife Sophia and her mother Hanna Graham.
in the glass display case holding the tear catchers, I saw a copy of a receipt for cemetery plot signed by Harvey M. Vaile in 1890. So, where was Mrs. Vaile's body from Feb. 1883 until the mausoleum was built? And where is Oliva? Oliva's brother Orlando tended the vineyards and he later married Carrie Mae Carrol (maybe 2 "l's) sometime after 1919 when she acquired the deed to the mansion.
the mausoleum has been broken into sometime in the past.
(this was told to a volunteer by a worker at the nursing home...)at one time, the Vaile was BINGER nursing home. A Binger guy had his bedroom above the water tower room. One the third floor there was a small room called THE CRAZY WOMAN'S room. Binger had to take her food tray up to her room with heavy wire mesh in upper half of door(still to this day.) One day when he went up with her tray, she had opened the window, jumped out, and was laying dead on the lawn. This was NEVER in the newspaper. He also said a guy came over the bannister on the third floor (accident?) so an ugly piece of plywood was placed in the stairwell. That would have blocked any light coming from the skylight.
drawing Aunt Mary did of what she has been told of third floor. it is used for storage, she has never been up there. it was never finished as grandly as the rest of the house. probably servant's quarters, I would guess. a stairway with a lift up cellar like door goes above the third floor. someone stepped thru the floor somewhere up there once.
top of her drawing labeled EAST.
#1. large room used to store xmas decorations.
#2. room above nature's bower.
#3. room used for storage.
#4. huge closet like room
#5. crazy woman's room with wire mesh over upper half of door.
#6. hallway
#7. a former bath, shower room.
open stairwell marked at bottom.

so, just finished Making a Murderer on Netflix.

I vaguely remember reading about this in People magazine when I still subscribed. Whaaaaaaaaaat? I am going to post a buncha buncha possibly not very nice memes. I sure as fuck would never live in this damn county. I admire the family for sticking up for them. His parents aren't getting any younger, but they don't miss a jail visit.

Rachael Fansler Beachy posted a photo on Facebook of her friend’s daughter all ready for Halloween. She says the child is dressed up “as a mom,” and it’s so real it’s almost scary.

😂😂😂😂😂 my friends daughter dressed up as a mom for halloween. Notice the spit up and dark circles under her eyes. 😂😂😂😂 Im dead! This is the best costume ive ever seen! 😂😂😂😂😂 Sam Jess costume contest!!!!! She would so win! Someone give her what she's earned. I'd say stretch marks, hemorrhoids, and a front butt....but a prize will be awesome! Go Lainie! 73K 14K 7.2K

I don't like doing things alone, so I usually don't. with the exception of the kids school events.

but I was hyped up about the Crowder Park Halloween Night Hike. I figured there would be signs for starting point. there weren't. drove all over. tried to google maps on my phone, were too small to read. saw some pretty leaves, came home. someone was on the event site complaining she couldn't find it. why weren't there signs. when I got home, finally figured out there are TWO entrances. she posted this you don't turn in the main entrance instead you stay on hwy 146 headed west to Edinburgh (about a mile or so past Crowder main entrance), turn right on to 52nd Ave (a gravel road) take it to the T & turn right on to Dove St this dead ends in to Equestrian Parking Lot. she asked for directions and found it. hope they made the hike. I plan to go sometime during daylight hours and hike it. but I got to spend an enjoyable evening with my daughter watching The Nightmare Before Christmas & Making A Murderer. finally ventured out of my house and I shoulda just stayed home....like Kate said when I texted her I couldn't find it...."hmmmmmmmmmmm.....karma. yeppers.


Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti. "This isn't the middle of nowhere. It's the place the folks from the middle of nowhere call the sticks."

"That's what I love about the family. We really care about each other."

Otto, Alaska The Last Frontier
today I slept in till 6:56 a.m., emptied dishwasher, scrubbed kitchen trash can, cleaned bathroom, cleaned floors, made a pitcher of super sweet tea, watched some telly, read the book about the Kansas City Butcher, ran to gas station to get Katie lunch at work, cleaned that crack between stove and counter, now I'm making lunch. last night I stripped and remade the bed and put away laundry.
so, while I have only officially crossed two things off my list, I am feeling rather accomplished!

Crazy cat lady!

Lisa Axsom Butler shared your photo. 6 mins · 2 of the 3 Axsom girls, and 50% of the Axsom siblings. We may LOOK sweet but we are a fierce bunch when we need to be!

In court documents, a ....investigator called .... “a serious risk to the community” because of her previous history.

going to work the other day, listened to radio. it was court news. and I picked up on a trend. "danger to the community." "habitual" offender." one guy had done something in 2002 and again in 2016. that's twice. waaaaay far apart. is that really 'habitual"? should I google this? or is the world just insane like all the drug offences. yeah. drugs are bad. don't sell them. don't buy them. don't get caught with them. don't use them. but should we really spend so much law enforcement time and money on them? when there are homeless people and medical research and 10 billion other things to spend $ on? I myself would rather see the money used to preserve historic Civil War mansions so I can maybe some day go tour them on vacation. I mean, watch American Horror Story: Roanoke. those drug dealers are bad guys. but the law knows enough to leave them alone. they are also cannibals...but you know, we all have our faults. like me wondering how many hours the very few law enforcement officers and task forces small rural areas have spend on trying to bust someone for drug paraphernalia. you can literally get away with murder unless there are 15 eye witnesses and several videos on cell phones, but grow a couple marijuana plants in a hidden room in your trailer house...it's about as futile as pig farming. bust ass to raise healthy nice fat little pigs, so they can eventually become pork chops. (drop mike. walk away.)
I myself have never smoked a cigarette, let alone a doobie. I do secretly think it would be cool to get a tattoo and try a doobie. will I ever do it? probably not. I am tightly wound and could relax some. I guess I don't see the harm....not growing it yourself and consuming it yourself. not out driving where you could cause a wreck or whatever, but in your own home....my rant is running down, I guess. not making any sense. and I don't even smoke doobies....

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